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6 Places in Papua Beautiful Besides Raja Ampat

Who does not know the Raja Ampat? These sights became one of the sights of dreams, not only for the people of Indonesia but also abroad. Raja Ampat is located in the most eastern island of Indonesia, New Guinea. Interestingly, New Guinea still save a lot of amazing tourist attractions that deserve to be our holiday destination of choice. There are any sites in Papua? This is it.

Cendrawasih Bay National Park

The wide reach 1,453,500 hectares and 90 per cent of which is water. It is the largest national park and the largest in Indonesia. Its location is in two districts namely Wondama and Nabire.

Since it was established in 1993, there were approximately 200 reefs, 196 molluscs, 209 species of fish, 5 species of reptiles, 37 species of birds, and 183 land fauna. In addition to enjoying the underwater nature, tourists can also visit some small islands scattered in the National Park as Mioswaar Island, Island Yoop, numfor, and much more.

Lake Sentani

If there is Lake Toba in Sumatra, there is Lake Sentani in Papua. The lake is located 50 km from downtown Jayapura. It is the largest lake and the largest in Papua with an area of 9000 hectares. There are 22 small islands and 24 villages surrounding the lake Sentani. Against the Cyclops penggunungan nature reserve in the north, the lake has a natural beauty.

In this lake there are about 30 species of freshwater fish. Where four of them are rare and distinctive as catfish Lake Sentani (Oxyeleotris heterodon), rainbow fish Sentani (Chilatherina sentaniensis), red rainbow fish (Glossolepis incisus) and shark saws (Pristis Microdon). Each year, exactly in June will be the Lake Sentani Festival. There will be attractions of the local tribes, a typical dance of Papua, to other activities.

Baliem Valley

Know one of the highest mountains in Indonesia? He is the Jayawijaya Mountains. In the vicinity of this mountain there is a valley called the grand Baliem valley for three tribes occupied the Dani, Yali and Lani. The extent of about 80 km and accommodate 100,000 people. With ketinggian1.600 meters above sea level, the temperature in this valley reaching 10-15 degrees Celsius at night.

Every August, held the Baliem Valley Festival. It becomes a way of government to unite the tribes in Papua. If you're a festival, secured locations around the valley will be filled with tourists. For clothing, residents Baliem still traditional. That is still using a penis sheath.

Beach Bosnik

National Parks already. Lake already. Valley already. Less like if we did not discuss the beach. Indeed there are many beautiful and wonderful beaches on the island of Papua. But the beach is one travelers certainly can not forget. Woniki located in the village, 15 km from the city center Biak East, overlooks the beach Bosnik perfect portrait ready for us many times.

The beach is awarded the super gorgeous white sand, water clarity, and a row of palm trees that will not be forgotten. As well as the underwater scenery dotted coral reefs of various types that tempt us to diving or just snorkeling.

Usually the location of the beach used to picnic with the family or just sit quietly. Travelers can play beach volleyball or just drank fresh coconut ice. Only with only 10,000 to 50,000, the tourist can enjoy all the beauty of the beach this Bosnik.

Island Rumberpon

If Raja Ampat paradise dubbed big, then small Rumberpon Island is paradise. Located in the Gulf of Wondawa, tourists must climb speedboat for 5 hours of Manokwari, West Papua.

But do not worry. After arriving on the island, tourists will not regret it. Surrounded by white sandy beach called Long Beach, the island is also dotted magrobe trees and grassland. Color blue sea water plus reef of comprehensive, tourists can can do all kinds of water activities like diving, scuba diving, water skiing to surfing.

In the area there are many homestay islands that can be visited. If you get bored with playing the water, visitors can see the animals roam freely deer are like birds, albatrosses, and each much more.

Wafsarak Waterfall

Located away from the town of Biak because it had to take a 2 hour drive, this waterfall feel like private property. With a height of 10 meters, its location is quite gentle. Rustling sound of water is very pleasant. Plus this place is pretty quiet. For a population of around very maintain cleanliness at these sights. Waterfall so blue-blue and the air is cool masik.

Travelers are free to do various things. Starting from the picnic to swim. Everything is free as long as it does not spoil the naturalness of a waterfall. By paying 35 thousand, tourists can enjoy a private waterfall this all day.

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