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Beji Guwang, Hidden Canyon in Sukawati

By: Bagus State

There is a beautiful and fascinating place which was also called the local people as Beji Guwang or Hidden Canyon when the Caucasians call. The canyon is located in the village and said beji meaningful Guwang fountain located in the river and washed away by the locals.

Hidden canyon Beji Guwang

Beji Guwang is a river with a stone wall that is formed and patterned very wonderful happened because of piling up river water for hundreds of thousands of years so as to create a masterpiece that makes everyone amazed. besides there are beautifully carved rock walls there are also some other things that are not as beautiful as the cluster of rocks with clear water rippling and quiet in some places so you can swim in it.

The place is quiet peaceful makes this place very suitable for meditation or yoga because the subtext is very supportive especially this place away from the crowds. Or it could be just a place to contemplate or to which urban hustle her off fatigue.

Beji Guwang own newly popular since a few months ago, because of it is only known by the locals just because it was in the sacred area, as time goes by local villagers decided to open the canyon is beautiful to visitors outside to remind rural incomes and local communities.

Beji location Guwang

Beji Guwang Guwang in the villages adjacent to the famous Sukawati central Balinese souvenirs. Drive from Denpasar about 15-20 minutes to the east. Because the place is not so popular signposts leading to beji Guwang somewhat lacking but the locals will be happy to give directions.


Although natural scenery is very beautiful and riveting, beji Guwang has supporting facilities are minimal, but because the new open to the public as well as to maintain its authenticity so need extra energy to be able to explore this canyon.

The rocks in this place is huge, slick and sharp so watch your step. Because the area is very sacred for the locals, for those of you who have a sixth sense or senses that are sensitive, you will have the opportunity to see some keeper of this place one of them is a form of dragon crowned as the locals say. Watchman in this gorge themselves will not bother you while you still respect and did not do bad.

Factors other security is the height of the water is always changing, and while being flooded water level can reach 5 meters but you do not have to be afraid because the water in the river is controlled by a dam and a guard will monitor the water level, and if water is flood or then the dam will be open to visitors in the evacuation and this place will be closed temporarily until the flow of water back to normal.


So I suggest to use the services of a guide from the local population, as well as a guide so you do not get lost or reduce the likelihood of accidents. they will also help you bring your luggage and also as a reminder to you what you can and can not do in this place because back again this very sacred place so as not to interfere with the gatekeepers in this place.

And that's a few things I can say about the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, occasionally came as a tourist in Bali for your vacation to be able to admire the work of a very beautiful nature. Hopefully useful and good-traveled.

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