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Drinking green tea while enjoying the coolness of Malino

Makassar is one of the major cities in eastern  Indonesia often become tourist destinations. As one of the major cities, all the tourist facilities such as hotels, entertainment venues, cafes, and culinary, are all available here. The city's famous Losari Beach has a lot of mainstay attractions in the surrounding area, ranging from beaches, marine parks, historical tours, even beautiful places in the Highlands, one of which is Malino Highlands is located not too far from the city of Makassar.

Located in District Tinggimoncang Malino, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. From the center of the city of Makassar, Malino Highlands is 80 km to the south. The location of Malino Highlands fairly strategic. To get to these places, you only need less than 2.5 hours from Makassar city center and can be reached by various types of vehicles.

To get into the area Malino Highlands, you will be charged a levy of 50,000 rupiah for adults and 25,000 rupiah for children. Here are also available villa for those who want to stay overnight in Malino Highlands. Prices range from 1,750,000 rupiah up to 10,000,000 rupiah amount depending on the type of villa you will use and on what day you'll book the villa. What is interesting in this inn are all Japanese-style architecture complete with the waiters who is also wearing a kimono.

Formerly, before it changed its name to Malino Highlands, this place is a tea plantation area of 900 hectares with an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. Seeing the promising location as a tourist, this place eventually transformed into a tourist location that is more beautiful, comfortable, and can be enjoyed by all people.

During the journey to Malino Highlands, you'll be treated to a view of the pine tree line that stretches between the hills and valleys. A variety of tropical plants growing here so as to form beautiful green scenery. During the rainy season, the air temperature is very cold here, can reach 10 degrees Celsius, and often shrouded in mist. When driving, try to turn off your air conditioner, then open the window of the car. Feel the thrill of Malino cool natural air conditioning complete with air is very fresh.

With the cost of a levy of 50,000 rupiah earlier, you can not only enjoy the beauty of the cool green tea gardens, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and a mini zoo. At the top of Malino tea plantations, you can relax in the cafe Green Peko while enjoying the green expanse of tea gardens around the cafe.

Green cafe Peko has a classical Japanese style architecture that makes the atmosphere feels more calm and cool. In this cafe provided a varied menu of meals, snacks, and also all kinds of tea variants. One of the featured menu here is Malino Green Tea.

Malino Green Tea is a green tea beverage with a unique flavor and distinctive. Enjoy green tea from the garden directly in the cafe located on the top, it will definitely help you eliminate the fatigue of saturation of everyday activities. Guaranteed burden of thinking, and also stress that deplete your energy during this time will be lost instantly.

In addition to relaxing in the cafe peak tea plantations, Malino Highland also offers several outdoor games that you can enjoy, such as activities paragliding, horseback riding, bungee jumping, trampoline, cross country running, biking, kite festival, and many other activities.

Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, Malino Highlands also became one of the favorite spot for photographers, or those who have a hobby of photography. Landscape plants paced tea green and hilly ground conditions make this place has a special attraction for the lovers of the art of photography. Not only the beautiful scenery photos that you can get here, but you can also make Malino Highlands as the location of the photo or prewedding beautiful portrait.

Not far away from Malino, there is a waterfall location that you can access only by foot as far as 600 meters. This waterfall is Niagara Takapala. Takapala waterfall is located in between the hills and forests rimbunnnya with a fairly heavy flow of water. This waterfall has a height of 100 meters. At an altitude of 20 meters, the fog is always covered this waterfall. If lucky, you can also see the rainbow here.

You can refresh the body with water play under this waterfall, because the waterfall is housed in a small pond with large-sized volcanic rocks. At the base of the waterfall there is also a cave. This cave is a cool place to play water. Once satisfied wet fun, you can warm yourself by sipping warm tea in a small shop near the waterfall.

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