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Green Canyon - West Java tourism destination Beautiful

Tourism in West Java identical to the mall, adventure park, and shopping centers. Who would have thought that turned out to West Java also has an amazing natural attractions of Green Canyon.

Green Canyon or better known as Cukang Taneuh by local people, is located in the village of Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis District. Approximately 31 km from the city of Pangandaran. The origin of the name of Green Canyon itself is of a French tourist who came in 1993. This is because the water is crystal clear rivers and the greenery of the abundant green moss on the cliff side which makes it popular with the name of Green Canyon.

For local residents, Cukang Taneuh meaning land bridge. This is because over the valley and ravines of Green Canyon there is a bridge of land used by local farmers to get their gardens.

Access to the Green Canyon

If you are outside of West Java then you can use air transport, or land to the city of Bandung. From Miami, you take the bus line toward Pangandaran. After arriving at Terminal Pangandaran, you can use the services of a mini bus to terminal Cijulang, then proceed to use taxis or hire cars.

To achieve Green Canyon itself from the dock Ciseureuh, you have to travel for 30 to 45 minutes by using modern wooden boat which is also often referred to as "Ketinting". Rates per person for this ketinting is 75,000 rupiah with a capacity of up to five people and operates from 7:30 until 16:00 pm.

Ketinting it will take you down the river. Along the way you will be treated by the sight of green trees towering along the riverbank. If lucky, you can see some wildlife around the river. You can also enjoy a waterfall that fell from the side of a cliff.

Activities that can be done in Green Canyon

With the beauty offered by the Green Canyon, you will be amazed. So do not forget to set up the camera during a trip down the river. Aim beautiful objects that can not be missed. Do not forget to prepare wrapper waterproof camera because here later you will interact with water.

During a long way in ketinting, later you will meet a variety of flow of the river that allows for you to swim. You can swim in the river water is super clear while watching the fish swim.

You can stroll through the cave with stalactites and stalagmites dripping. During a trip on a boat, you can also enjoy the roar of water falling on the cliffs.

If you love the challenges that stimulate adrenaline, you can try to jump into the river from rocks altitude of 5 meters or try rock climbing attraction. As for you who love tranquility, boating while fishing will be a fun choice.

One of the favorite activities of the tourists is the Body Rafting. The prices offered ranged from 150,000 rupiah to 250,000 rupiah. Package body rafting rafting is not only just, but you can also enjoy swimming in water clarity Green Canyon, jump off a cliff with a height of up to 9 meters, and also trekking.


If you do not bring food enough, the only location where food vendors are around the parking lot at the entrance. There are ranks of a restaurant that provides Sundanese food and seafood. There are also several food carts that sell meatballs, chicken porridge, and others.

Tips traveled in Green Canyon

 1. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes, because here you will be a lot of interaction with water.

2. Do not forget to bring a special waterproof bag to protect your electronic items such as mobile phones and cameras.

3. Use anti-slip footwear, as you will often walking on slippery rocks. Try to wear sandals to be more comfortable mountain.

4. Bring some food and drinks themselves because there is only food vendor at the main entrance.

5. Most importantly Do not Throw Trash Gratuitous! Bring plastic bags to dispose of waste so that the beauty of the tourist attractions Green Canyon is maintained. Unfortunately not if Green Canyon famed clarity of the water is polluted our own hands?

Operating hours of these attractions take place from 07:00 am until 17:00 pm. Lodging Friday, Green Canyon recently opened at 13.00, after Friday prayers.The price of admission to the Green Canyon ranging from 150000-250000 amount depends on a package tour you take.

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