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Samalona Island: The island is beautiful and Heaven Amazing In Makassar

Indonesia is so big and each region has a beauty that can not be compared between one and the other.

All islands in Indonesia have a flagship tourist area respectively which is amazing and certainly unbelievable to you make as a tourist destination and your trip. There are so many pieces of paradise scattered in various corners that can make you wonder and be ever grateful for what God has created.

Of the many beautiful locations that are known as a paradise, then you can visit one of the main which is an island in Makassar named Samalona. Samalona Island is known since long as amazing destinations with various Elman beauty contained therein.

Down Heaven Beautiful In Makassar Named Samalona

For those of you who visit Samalona, then one thing that you must do in these locations is snorkeling and diving. By doing snorkeling or diving, then you could be spoiled by the beauty of the underwater Samalona so extraordinary, even on the spot if you do some diving, then you can see the ships that had foundered in the future world war raged in Indonesia.

When finished ith a famous underwater nature to foreign countries, you then can enjoy typical seafood dish-dish available at stores around the beautiful beach. There you will be able to enjoy the taste of food is superb, especially if you eat at a time when the sunset or sunrise, it is a pleasure serving you will grow up to 2-fold.

Transportation and How to Go Into Samalona Island

Samalona Island is located in the district of Ujung Pandang, Makassar, South Sulawesi. So for those of you who are interested to visit the island this one can take a trip not too long from Makasaar City, only 20 to 30 minutes you can get to the island. You can use the speedboat from the pier to the island of Makassar Samalona.

Accommodation and Tours Island Samalona

Samalona Island is already very well known by many tourists both from within and outside the country, the beauty is exceptional captivate anyone to visit, therefore the average people in sanasudah ready for the coming of the visitors, so you will have no trouble getting accommodation well residence such as lodging, guast house or homestay, but also you will be spoiled by the many culinary delicious seafood typical Samalona that you can not miss. However, one thing to note is the presence of water, because it is unknown if at Samalona own little difficult to get fresh water, so the sale is quite expensive than usual. Therefore an alternative you can do is to bring their own supplies to taste or buy coconut water for a drink.

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