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Situ Patenggang, lake with Stone Love

Situ (or often also called Situ Patengan) is a beautiful lake located in Ciwidey, West Java. You can feel the calmness see this lake and feel the cool mountain air that blows. Plus it is situated not far from the well-known tourist attraction is Kawah Putih. So by visiting one location, you can enjoy two places at once is interesting Kawah Putih and Situ.

Patenggang lake or also known by the name of Situ (it means lake in the Sundanese language) is located on the plateau with an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level and is located at the foot of Mount Patuha. Due to the high position, you will feel cool and fresh air while visiting this lake.

The location is approximately 2 hours drive from the city of Bandung, West Java. Precisely in the southern part of Bandung in Ciwidey. To visit this place, you can get out of the toll booth or Buah Batu Kopo then headed to the south of Bandung. Some hints road to Kawah Putih Ciwidey or you can follow to get to this place.

On the way to Situ, natural green shades will be a soothing eye sight. Shady trees and expanse of tea gardens dense with leaves that make green becomes increasingly dominan.di all the way to the lake. Winding streets must pass to reach the destination, but it would be refreshing for shades of green mountains and clean air typical of the mountains will accompany your journey. In addition, the strawberry plantations that exist along the way can also add to the attractiveness of this tourist area.

Arriving in Situ behind the spread of tea gardens, spacious and calm water of the lake will welcome you. Towering mountains surrounding the Patengan Situ.

On the edge of the lake, the boats with bright colors that are ready to take you and your family to explore further this lake. Haggle for boat hire usual visitors to get a price that is not too expensive.

If you do not want to be too far from the shore, water bikes menggowes quite interesting to try. Or you can just sit around enjoying the tranquility of the lake water in places that have been provided.

If you rent a boat, you can visit an island in the middle of this lake. The island is not too big overgrown trees with leaves that shade, so you can rest or nap at this tranquil island.

Which is also a favorite at this point is the location of the Stone Love. A location in the middle of the lake with a large stone into panandanya. Stone is called the Rock of Love.Stone Love comes from a legend of West Java. This is where Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis, a pair of lovers who must pass through a difficult journey in their romance, finally met again in this place, after previously separate. The water that fills the lake, according to myths Patengan deraian tears came from the two humans.That's why some people also call Situ Situ as a bride. This story can be read in a pictorial panorama painting Situ Patengan who were at Stone Love. The local community also believe that if visiting Stone Love couple, then the couple's relationship will last.Patenggang is a lake that is worth visiting. You can get a variety of interesting stories after visiting this lake. Natural beauty and coolness, make you refreshed.South Bandung save some beautiful natural attractions. Kawah Putih exotic and Situ quiet with the legendary Stone Love in West Java. You can visit both this tour as well because it is adjacent.

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