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Tourism Scenic Beauty of Ketep Pass

Indonesia was beautiful, that tagline which many hailed by many people about nature.

It is not an exaggeration, because with its strategic location, and the landscapes are so amazing Indonesia is so beautiful even tend awesome to be explored more deeply. natural beauty becomes a treasure for all of you who like adventure and travel.

Talking about the beauty of Indonesia, Magelang is one location that holds exceptional beauty for you to enjoy. Generally a lot of people know that Magelang for being the place for the greatest temple Indonesia, namely Borobudur stands. But despite the fact Borobudur there are so many other locations are actually very interesting for you to test visit, which one of them is Ketep Pass.

For those of you who do not know about Ketep Pass. In accordance with its name Ketep Pass is a beautiful hilly region which has direct views of the two great mountain in Indonesia, the Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

Beauty Views of Mount Merapi and Merbabu From Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass has a beauty that was amazing for you to enjoy, the view presented in the form of Magelang and surrounding natural beauty from the heights. By visiting Ketep Pass you can enjoy views of the two great mountain, the Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi, which is very famous.

Interestingly, when you visit the site, you can enjoy a lot of other exciting rides and provided by the manager, which is a place to eat or a restaurant that provides a distinctive and delicious food. In addition you can enjoy a movie on the small Theater Volcano, which is already available. Then you too can be in studying about volcanoes with the museums on offer in surrounding area Ketep Pass.

 Transport Go Location Travel Pass Ketep
There are 3 main route often taken the tourists to reach Ketep Pass, the route is often dijuliki as SSB namely track Solo, Selo and Borobudur. Here is a path that you can take the initial point of departure of Jogjakarta, namely by first drive from Jogja towards muntilan. If you've got Gulon continue the journey by taking the road turn right towards Ngadipuro - Senowo - Sawangan - Ketep. With this long journey through you to the location expected for 1 to 2 hours drive.

Accommodation Tourism Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass is a location that is pretty much favored by tourists therefore be good managers already manage these tourist sites as tourist spots. With good management, then you can find facilities ranging from a toilet, a place of worship to eat. In addition for those of you who need a place to stay and sleep, in that location belom provided that proper venue, therefore you can try to stay in the city of Yogyakarta or Magelang City area.

Interesting and unique once Ketep Pass travel not being owned by the City of Magelang. Now you are also one of the main memilliki alternate location or interesting spot for you to take pictures and explore in greater depth the site again with a view of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.

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