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Wae Rebo Village Flores Exotic Famous Among Tourists

My country is a rich country. Not only rich in natural resources, but also rich in culture and tourism. It felt as though we could find beautiful places throughout Indonesia. East Indonesia one of them, here there are so many diverse tourism potential. One is Wae Rebo, a village located on the exotic island of Flores.

Wae Rebo is a village located in the district of Satarmese West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The location of Wae Rebo is fairly remote and isolated because it is located behind the forest. You have to through the forest along the 9 km to reach the nearest village with Wae Rebo.

To achieve Wae Rebo, there are several ways that you can take. How to Wae Rebo first, you can make the trip from Labuan Bajo towards Ruteng. Arriving in New York City, you can proceed to use taxis to Dintor. Dintor is the last village accessible by road before arriving at Wae Rebo.

Travel by motorcycle this could take up to 2 hours. These taxis fare was not like a motorcycle taxi fares in general, which is about 150,000 rupees. The price you pay is worth the journey to go, passing through steep hills, through the forest, and the seashore.

The second option, using a truck (timber bibs) of Ruteng. From Bus Terminal Mena, this truck will take you across the village Cancar, Pela, Todo, and Dintor before you finally reach the village of Denge. Oto wood usually depart from the terminal in the afternoon. The trip takes about 3 to 3.5 hours.

The third way is by boat. Route you should take through Labuan Bajo heading south towards the coastal village Nangalili. Costs required to rent a boat about 400,000 rupees. Since there is no regular boat schedules, it is recommended to charter a boat in advance. The boat trip will take about two hours and takes you cross to the island Mules. After arriving in Dintor, proceeded to Denge with motorcycles. Rates motorcycle around 10,000 Rupiah and takes about 20 minutes.

How to Wae Rebo fourth is by hiking. Hiking or climbing it can travel with a local homestay take the road between the village and the SDK (SD). During the trip, you will go through three rest areas, namely Sungai Wae competition, which is less than an hour's drive from Denge. Then, after trekking for an hour, you'll find the resting place of the second, ie Pocoroko.

It is an important place for the villagers (and visitors) who want to make calls and send text messages from their phones, because there is no mobile signal at Wae Rebo. From Pocoroko you will reach the third post, that Nampe Bakok, which takes about 40 minutes perjlanan. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the hills before you reach the Wae Rebo.

Wae Rebo is an old village located Manggaraian and isolated mountain regions. The village offers the opportunity for tourists shopped see the authentic side of the housing Manggarai and experience the daily life of the local community. In this village, you had the opportunity to see mbaru niang, which is a traditional house with a circular cone shaped very unique architecture.

Until now, mbaru niang still used as a place to hold meetings or Sunday morning prayer ritual together. The traditional house had experienced periods of concern, where his condition had started rotting. But in 2008, due to the visit of Yori Antar and his colleagues, this house could be saved.

In 2010, Foster started renovating the house foundation of these houses. Even in its development, the private sector and the government helped. So the house that originally were only four pieces only with appalling conditions, are now complete into seven pieces in good condition.

When compared with tourists from within the country, in fact Wae Rebo was already famous as a tourist spot among foreign tourists. Since before the 2000s, many foreign tourists who come to visit Wae Rebo. Therefore, from the early 2000s, local residents attempted to introduce the Wae Rebo community at large in Indonesia, by putting up photos of their villages in some hotel or travel agent in Ruteng.

The fruits of these efforts are a success, since 2002 a lot of tourists come to see the exotic Wae Rebo. Finally, of these the tourists stories about the beauty of the architecture and cultural conditions Wae Rebo.

When you visit Wae Rebo, you will not only see the housing Manggaraian authentic, but also get the opportunity to experience the daily life of the local community.

Most of the people working in their gardens from dawn to dawn, there is also busy with harvesting and processing coffee beans. You can also see the women in Wae Rebo conducting traditional songket weaving, weaving though this is not the main activity of the female population Wae Rebo.

If you want, you can also feel overnight in Niang Mbaru , enjoy dinner and socializing with Wae Rebo community directly. During the night there, you will be sleeping mats woven from pandanus leaves complete with the warmth of the family who lived there.

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