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Pasumpahan, the Most Beautiful Island in West Sumatra

ALREADY recognized if the West Sumatra has a complete travel package. People say do not have far to go abroad, to West Sumatra just all there. Mau kulineran, here the place. Want to see the architecture and culture, here thick buildup. Want to find mountains and valleys, West Sumatra place.

If the tourist destinations that I mentioned just now certainly already widely known. It turns out that West Sumatra also has nautical tourism know. Certainly not many know that the islands of West Sumatra has a very beautiful and lovely. Here I want to share about Pasumpahan just a 1 hour drive from the coast in the city of Padang.

Pasumpahan is an island located in the District waters Bungus sackcloth Bay, the city of Padang, West Sumatra. Therefore the island is near if we use a speed boat from the Gulf Bungus located close to the city of Padang. Claims will be the beauty of the sea make this island began to be known by local and foreign tourists.

Located on the western shore of Sumatra, Padang became the most important city in West Sumatra province as well as the central government. In addition to the business and administrative center of the city, Padang could become a haven that attracts tourists before exploring other places, thanks to a number of tourist sites in the vicinity.

Pasumpahan is located approximately 200 meters from Sikuai. The island has a tourism white sand beaches with coral reefs are still awake. Besides the island became a shelter or gathering of fishermen. On the beach we could see a lot of activity of fishermen here who are fishing and catch fish.

Underwater tourism potential in the area of ​​marine tourism west coast city of Padang is in the form of regional coral reef ecosystems found in almost every island, including the islands of Gosong. In addition to various types of coral reef fish or ornamental fish are also very attractive to be enjoyed by tourists.

West Sumatra has a wealth of natural and cultural community that is distinctive and unique. An area stretching from the west coast to the central part of Sumatra is presenting a unique experience and has made it as one of the best and favorite tourist destinations in the country

The island is expected to be the leading tourist destinations in West Sumatra. Located west of the island of Small Satan, to take the island takes 40 minutes from Banana Island with 45 PK engine.

In the waters of Padang found 21 species of fish butterflyfish Chaetodon dominated by trifascialis. Location-Iokasi dives that have been marketed to tourists include Coral Island, Snake Island, Island Sirandah, and Pulan Pandan.

Sand along the beach with waves Pasumpahan which became the main attraction of this beach. A tiny island floating off the coast, into a valuable bonus scene. Landainya stretch of beach lined with billions of grains of white sand, the atmosphere is quiet indeed featured allure of this island.

Because beauty Pasumpahan and surrounding islands are now being targeted by many local and foreign investors to be developed as a tourist attraction seeded West Sumatra. Yes, because of the potential for marine tourism in West Sumatra islands is really nice and could be developed.

Thus, the tourists will feel isolated distant hubbub of the city even though only a step away from the hustle of the city. Round the island would be fun. By walking tourists can see a panorama of nature around the island are so indulgent eye. It is not wrong if Pasumpahan is referred to as one of the most beautiful island in West Sumatra

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