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10 Tourist Attractions in Garut of The Most Famous

You want to walk in West Java and surrounding areas but already tired of the Bandung tour? You could try a walk to the Tasikmalaya and Garut. In the discussion this time, we will discuss 10 tourist attractions in Garut must-see.

Garut Regency is a Regency in West Java which is surrounded by five mountain so that most areas in Garut is a mountainous area, except for the area around the beach is located south of Garut. Geographical situation as it is, automatically Arrowroot has many interesting attractions and much visited by tourists from the surrounding areas. Want to know what are the tourist attractions in Garut of the most famous? Read his review here.

1. Beach Santolo

Located in the subdistrict of Cikelet, Santolo Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Garut are most popular. Santolo Beach which is located 88 KM South of the town of Garut was a mainstay of the Arrowroot attractions visited by residents of Bandung. Charms and advantages belonging to this beach that is a beautiful panoramanya, silence is offered, and a tour supporting facilities are complete enough.

2. Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit is a lake located in the subdistrict of Banyuresmi. Situ Bagendit was the site of the most famous Lake in Garut because the quality of the environment that are in good condition and clean that up. Tourism activities that you can enjoy here that is enjoying a beautiful view with cool air, boat and bicycle water play, climb typical raft There Indonesia, fishing, and playing in the Park and take a dip in the pool. Tourist attractions in Garut is very suitable for families who like to picnic on the banks of the Lake.

3. Rancabuaya Beach

Rancabuaya beach is one of the tourist attractions in Garut. Typical of the coast of Rancabuaya is larger because of the waves is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, and its stone and is also great. Both of these things cause some fish caught between rocks, quite unique and worth a look. Another uniqueness of Beach Rancabuaya is a waterfall which directly overlooks the ocean, similar to the beach at Pacitan.

4. Curug Orok

Curug Orok is a tourist in Garut in the form of a waterfall. Located in Cikandang Village, Curug Orok is attractions waterfalls in Garut. The name Orok comes from the Curug community stories Garut who says that once upon a time there was a mother who ditched her baby from the top of the waterfall. Curug Orog has a height around 45 meters and much visited by tourists from the city of Garut, Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta. The price of the entrance ticket to Curug Orog is 10.000 Rupiah per person.

5. Mount Papandayan

Mount Papandayan is a pretty famous volcanoes to the residents of West Java, especially in Bandung and Garut. In Indonesia, mount Papandayan is only 70 KM from the city of Bandung Bandung citizens so much that went on a trip to mount Papandayan. The main attraction of Mount Papandayan is a crater and hot springs that are believed to cure various kinds of diseases. In addition many nature lovers who came to climb Mount Papandayan to see the panoramic beauty of the sunrise from the mountain. If you want to climb Mount Papandayan, do not forget to bring warm clothes because the air at the Summit of this mountain including cold.

6.  Cijeruk Indah Beach

Cijeruk Indah Beach, located in the village of Sagara including beautiful beaches and interesting to visit. The hallmarks of Cijeruk is a wonderful Beach the beach is not crowded, clean, natural, and has a very clear water. On the way to Cijeruk Indah Beach, you'll be treated to magnificent views form rubber plantations are arranged neatly, complete with animals-farm animals such as cows are pasturing in the rubber.

7. Hot water Cipanas

Cipanas is the name of a region in Garut with its natural thermal baths. Hot water Cipanas is about 6 KM from the town of Garut and 50 KM from the city of Bandung. In the course of reaching the hot water Cipanas, you'll pass through the mountains with the green rice field and beautiful. Hot water Cipanas visited tourists either staying or who just want to rest a moment each day because the hot water Cipanas contains various types of minerals which are very beneficial for health, in addition to the facilities in this area are also fully equipped for tourism activities.

8. The Coast Coral Paranje

Coral Paranje beach is a beach located in Cibalong, Garut. Paranje Coral coast has a uniqueness in the form of the existence of a cluster of reefs along its shores. On the coast approximately 9 acres you can enjoy beautiful views of the sunset. Due to the construction of various types of untouched beaches, Coral Paranje have low noise levels, views, there is no pollution, the environment, and the atmosphere of peace and quiet.

9. Puncak Guha Beach

Located in South Garut, Puncak Guha beach is a tourist in Garut who were free from the disturbing views of traders. The Beach offers panoramic beauty Puncak Guha  Beach seen from the top of the cliff. Under the cliffs you can see hundreds of bats. If you want to pay a visit to the seaside Summit of Guha, bring the provision of food and drink enough because there are rarely traders on Puncak Guha Beach.

10. Cangkuang Temple

Cangkuang Temple located in Kecamatan Leles was a tourist in Garut who frequently visited by tourists from Garut, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, to Cirebon. Cangkuang Temple is a Hindu temple relics of the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh. To be able to reach  Cangkuang Temple, you have to climb a raft to cross the Lake at a cost of 2.000 Rupiah.

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