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Central Lombok Destinations

Central Lombok Regency is one of regencies in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. The capital of this area was the Praya. The County has an area of 1,208.39 km2 with a population of 860,209 inhabitants. Central Lombok areas stretching from the North to the South has the layout and height vary from zero (0) to 2000 meters above sea level. Outline topography is still similar to other districts on the island of Lombok.

Place – Attractions in Central Lombok

The Beach Of Tanjung Aan

The beach of Tanjung Aan is home to The Princess of Mandalika. The beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean, the beach of tanjung aan is famous for its soft rounded shaped like pepper. The beach of Tanjung Aan is surrounded by several hills. Visitors can easily reach the Hill, if you want to see a beautiful view of the beach from a height of Aan.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall 

Benang Kelambu Waterfall  is one of several natural waterfalls that are very interesting to visit. Benang Kelambu Waterfall  this is a neighbor of the falls Yarn Stokel which is also located in the northern part of central Lombok Regency, or rather in the hamlet of Pemotoh Village of the subdistrict of North Batukliang Berik Aik. travel along the visitors can feel the fresh cool mountain air as well as the nuances of nature that is still quite natural, because Benang Kelambu Waterfall  is in the middle of the tropical jungle Green

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a beach of Lombok, is located in the South of Lombok Island, this beach has white sand and crystal clear water. In addition to Enjoying its natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy water sports.

Aik Bukak Baths

Aik Bukak baths is the oldest tourist attraction in central Lombok. Establishment of the bathing pool was designed by combining many elements of nature. Kolamnya forest green with a fresh atmosphere. AIK Aik Bukak in the village Batukliang, district Bukak.

Traditional Weaving Crafts Center

Traditional weaving crafts Center in the village of typical Wisara Sukarare Village, Lombok. can see Lombok woven fabric and the way of its creation. The village Sukarara is a small village which has views that are so very beautiful situated in the village of Sukarara, district Jonggat, central Lombok. Weaving is the main occupation for the residents of that village women other than farming. The results of a typical Village weavings Sukarare is Holster the Holster, usually a Songket used during rituals, such as large or rapid beleq begawe which is a typical ceremony of Lombok.

Old Mosque Rembitan

The ancient Rembitan Mosque is the name of a village in Kecamatan Pujut Lombok Tengah. If the city of Mataram, the distance traveled is approximately 49 km or about more or less 1.5 hour drive. Topography of this region is the hilly area crossed by the highway to the tourist area of the southern coast of Lombok. Building of Ancient Rembitan Mosque is located in the middle of a village. The mosque is located on a hill which is still surrounded by the homes of residents around the mosque.

Selong Belanak Beach 

Selong Belanak Beach  is one of the famous beaches in central Lombok Regency, especially beauty and keasriannya, as well as the cleanliness of the beach area. It has a coastline that is curved like a Crescent Moon, with some hills at the tip of the sickle. With the condition of the beach so, visitors who come can do a variety of activities in the area of this beach. Like just relax – relaxed, stroll the beach, enjoy the Sun, swim, and more.

The Village Of Sade

Sade is one of the village hamlet in the village of Rembitan, Pujut, Lombok Tengah. This village became known as Hillbilly who maintain indigenous Sasak. Sasak Sade was already famous in the ears of tourists who come to Lombok. As the village had its own uniqueness, Sade, Sade villagers in Rembitan, central Lombok still hold fast to maintain the authenticity of the village.

Popular Foods in Central Lombok

Plecing Reptans

Plecing Kale, Lombok specialties consists of boiled Kale with tomato sauce made from the inimitable cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, and more. That makes this delicious food to be enjoyed is a typical kangkung Lombok different with the usual water spinach growing in Java.

Bulayak Satay

Bulayak satay, Sate bulayak eaten breathtaking rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or the like with elongated shapes like spirals. While the satenya are made from beef that distinctive spice seared in Sasak. How to eat with unite sate bulayak to the sate seasoning already provided, and eaten with rice cake. Bulayak ubiquitous Satay seller in several tourist sites such as page Lingsar, Taman Narmada, Suranadi Temple Garden, and various other tourist attractions.

Balap Puyung Rice

Balap Puyung Rice, rice is the food is not too special, but the ideals it tastes really make culinary connoisseurs like to again and again. Rice contains shredded chicken meat that is processed along with chilli, soy beans, sprinkling dried shrimps, shredded and fried eel. Rice Puyung the most famous Race in Lombok is rice racing puyung Inaq Esun cap in the village of Puyung, central Lombok, West Lombok and Mataram in Srivijaya.

Chicken Taliwang

Chicken, chicken Taliwang Taliwang is one of the most popular foods in Lombok. Taliwang chicken is usually cooked with some options, namely by means of fried, baked or grilled. The chicken will be more tasty if Taliwang using free-range chicken, chicken delights of taliwang, there is dibumbunya that super spicy.


Bebalung made from cow or buffalo ribs mixed with savory marinade consisting of cayenne pepper, garlic, shallots, galangal and turmeric plus ginger. In West Lombok, the most famous bebalung cereal on sale at the Kelebet depot Street HOS Tjokroaminoto.


Ares is a typical vegetables of Lombok that ingredients derived from the stem of banana or banana gedebok young. The taste of the dish that uses coconut milk is quite unique and savory. Ares was formerly known as it is the traditional Sasak food served at weddings is currently popular and became one of Lombok's specialties.

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