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Frugal Vacation Tips to Yogyakarta-Style Backpacker

Don't rush scowled and said "Jogja Jogja again, again". Trust me, if you assume you mean boring, Yogyakarta has yet to fully exploring Yogyakarta. Almost every month there are new attractions are popping up in Yogyakarta. Comrades want to picnic where? The beach? Mount? The cave? The Palace? The Zoo? The temple? Shopping? Icp-culinary tasters? Everything there is and can be done in Yogyakarta, complete!

Furthermore the Jogja nothing in Yogyakarta are still cheap. Enough with the dana 200 k a day, you've been able to stay at a homestay, taste the famous traditional cuisine, to rent a motorcycle for a touring Yogyakarta from end to end. If you come with a friend of the flock, the cost could be even much cheaper. For the more pressing expenses your journey to Yogyakarta, following several saving tips that you can try:

Hunting of cheap transport to Yogyakarta

If it's already planning want to vacation to Yogyakarta, we recommend you seek transport away the previous day. This is not simply because of the fear of running out of tickets, but isn't priced tickets will be much cheaper if bought far today? Please visit to visit sites that serve aircraft and train ticket sales. Who knew they were having a promo, so the money you spend for transportation makin a bit.

Do not bring excessive goods

If you intend the streets of Yogyakarta-style backpacker, then pack your stuff you as simple as possible. Do not bring excess goods. Bring to taste only, that is important-it is important only. In addition to speeding up the pace of your motion, you also don't have to pay more to airlines due to excess baggage.

List your vacation destination and create itinerary

Before the holidays to Yogyakarta, seek information attractions in Yogyakarta. After that, make a list of places you want to visit. In Yogyakarta, there are so many great tourist destinations with cheap admission even sometimes free. So you do not have to pay an additional fee for tickets. Don't forget to also make the itinerary. Assign the places you want to visit in accordance with its territory so that it saves the cost of transport and also saves time.

Search for Lodging in a convenient and inexpensive

In Yogyakarta, there are so many options of places to stay, ranging from 5-star hotels, cheap hotels, to the homestay. Seeing as you were about to walk in Yogyakarta-style backpacker, the choice could fall into cheap hotels set aside for lovers or homestay. Locate lodging near the attractions you want to visit. How this can save you the cost of the transportasimu during the holidays.

Prepare your camera

Usually in place many of the tours found in Yogyakarta, a lot of the photografer impromptu photo service offering. In fact sometimes they photograph you are candid, then exit ask you to pay for the photos they already generate. As much as possible avoid the photografer. You can capture the best moments in Yogyakarta easily without the need to spend money by using android camera that is priced in accordance with your financial capabilities.

So, after reading the streets saving tips to Yogyakarta-style backpacker, whether you are interested in visiting Jogja?

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