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12 Best Tourism Places in Ambon of Maluku

Ambon or Ambonese is a city and the capital of the province of Maluku. The area is also known by the name of Ambon city Ambon Manise meaning beautiful/pretty/sweet. Ambon is the biggest town in the Maluku islands and became a central area of the Maluku islands. Currently Ambon became the Centre of the Harbour, tourism and education in the area of the Maluku islands.

Ambon bordering the Banda Sea on the South and with the Central Maluku district on the East (Lease islands comprising the islands of Haruku, Saparua, Molana Island, island of Pombo and the troops), West (petuanan country Leihitu, Maluku, Hila and Kaitetu Leihitu, Maluku, Central in the subdistrict of Central Maluku Leihitu,) and in the North (sub Sala Hutu, Central of Maluku ).

Ambon itself is an area that has a myriad of wonderful attractions including such as nature tourism, beach tourism and historical tourism all exist in Ambon, if you want a holiday where a suitable place, guaranteed you will not be disappointed especially if you are visiting with relatives, spouse and family vacation you will certainly guaranteed more fun.

The following list of 12 best tourism places in Ambon that you must visit if you're visit to Ambon.

1. Liang Beach

Liang beach is also known as the beach Hunimua Beach, Liang Liang Sub-district located in the village On about 40 KM from the Centre of the town of Ambon. Liang Beach was once crowned by the UNITED NATIONS as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1991. Certainly it is not without reason, attractions in Ambon has white sand combined with bluish clear water that makes you never get tired of enjoying its beauty. This beach is really beautiful with white sand and crystal clear waters, still make you will taste linger on this beach. Waves on the coast of the Rut is not too high, so don't be afraid to play on the water edge. On the beach there are cliffs overhanging the sea and below has a hole that looks like a door, Cliff was struck by the waves and even add to the beauty of the beach, these same things that became the specialty of the Beach Town's door.

2. Natsepa Beach

Natsepa beach is located in the village of Suli, Central Maluku. The distance is approximately 18 km from the center of the town of Ambon. Natsepa Beach has clean white sand. Its water is also very clear so you could see the fish swim milling about. Natsepa Beach in, you can swim and play water, boat hire and fishing on the high seas. Natsepa Beach sand tourism looks pure white with a bluish water. You are happy with the shady Beach, kabasaran Natsepa can. Since arriving at the site, you will be greeted by rows of lush trees and greenery. Perfect for a relaxing break and a place for those of you who want to get around the boat also available ready to take you around. Another one that you do not miss the IE natsepa Rojak.

3. Pintu Kota Beach

 The Beach Town is located in the hamlet of Door Airlouw Nusaniwe sub district, Ambon,. Most beautiful beaches including beaches in Ambon has the hallmark of a cliff that juts out into the sea where the cliffs has a hole at its Center. Its shape is similar to that of the gate. Not too broad beaches with white sand Brown met rock and rock. In the area there are also some waters snorkeling and diving spot. Here there are also several cabins for resting and also lodging. Tourism is often used as a location shoot for the cover of a magazine or simply capture the moments on the beach.

4. Relaxing Beach

 Relaxing Beach in the village of Latuhalat, Nusa Niwe, Ambon, about 17 km from the Centre of the town of Ambon. Relaxing Beach has white sand beach characteristics that tend to ramps. The water is still clear and shallow. Because of its characteristics, the Relaxing Beaches safer for swimming. Relaxing on the beach, you can dive and snorkel. True to its name, this beach is well suited to use as a location to relax. Tired and bored with the daily routine will be paid off in full in Ambon's attractions. For lovers of diving, Relaxing Beach has a diving operator ready to serve you. With notes, you have to order a few days before the arrival. As in most places in Ambon diving, divers guide is not available at any time. Some diving spots offer pretty good and easily accessible from the beach. The time is only a few minutes by motor boat.

5. Beach Nanseri

 The beach of Nanseri in the village of refinery. The soft white with crystal clear sea water. Beachfront surrounded by rocks. Nanseri on the beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the colorful coral reefs in its waters, fishing, swimming, or just lounging on the beach enjoy the charm of its beauty. The activities we can do while visiting here in addition to relax while enjoying the natural charm of the Nanseri, we can also fishing and swimming. Address: Village Of Refinery.

6. Beach Village Hukurila

The beach is located in the Hukurila Village 15 km south of downtown Ambon. To reach the village of Hukurila, you can use public transportation. In addition because of the beauty of panoramanya, village of Hukurila also became famous thanks to the existence of the caves below its live the sea rabbits. The sea is also one of Hukurila favorite place the diver to dive or snorkel. Coral reefs are home to fish in the sea of Hukurila is still asri. While the village itself has Hukurila Beach sand that is black and stony corals. Since dealing directly with the Banda Sea in the East, the beach of Hukurila into the proper spot to watch the sunrise.

7. Pasir Panjang Beaches

Pasir Panjang beach, also known as the beach Ngurbloat. This beach is located in the village of Ngilngof, the western part of the island of Kei kecil, approximately 20 km from Tual, capital of Southeast Maluku district. Pasir Panjang beach is named because it features white sand beaches along the coastline of 5 km white sand. very soft like grain flour and its clear blue water with a relatively quiet waves. Rows of Palm trees ever make this Pasir Panjang beach panorama increasingly exotic.

8. Beach Namalatu

 The beach of Namalatu in the village of Latuhalat, its distance from Ambon town centre approximately 14 km to the North. From this beach you can see a direct view towards the Banda Sea is the sea is deepest in Indonesia. The word namalatu comes from two words namely name meaning name and arc which means King. Other beautiful beaches on the island of Ambon is the beach Namalatu. Some overhanging trees toward the beach, gave the impression of a beautiful unique to enshrined in snapshots of the camera. It was not an area of the coast of Liang, but the beach is no less charming. Instead of white sand, the beach of Namalatu is thus full of rock fragments that are very small and colored pure white. Tint the water its quite unique, from transparent to white, light green, to blue. Waves on the beach is more friendly than the coast of Liang. Wave season, you still might play the water and swim tiredness. A few meters from the beach, the ruins of the buildings look a bit protruding from the surface of the water. It's become the habitat of various kinds of fish.

9. Beach Sopapei

 The beach of Sopapei or also known as the coast of Suli. Location of Sopapei Beach is located in the village of Suli bottom with its pretty Natsepa beach. Natsepa Beach offers the beauty of sand beaches, and a very soft, has a crystal clear sea water and its coastline is long enough that it is very well suited to walking – a relaxing stroll along the beach.

10. Lelisa Beach

The beach is a natural form of Lelisa Beach in Ambon, its beauty is not lost by the beach in Lombok and Bali. Beaches in ambon has his trademark itself and it became an attraction for tourists who visit. The uniqueness and attraction of tourism this is the Ambon rocks that lined up to the shore. Coral rock would seem more obvious if the central sea water recede. This letakaya tourist attractions close to the beaches casual and Namalatu.

11. Beach Namasua

The beach in the village of Namasua Naku, sand beaches, white and its water is also clear. Beach Namasua this is not as popular as Beach Liang and Natsepa. The atmosphere is pretty quiet this became an attraction for tourists, where the beach clean of trash blowing wind and catapult from a small wave into a value added of this beach. On the beach is also the tourists can snorkel to see the beauty of the ocean bottom. But the beauty of the beach of Namasua is also not inferior to the beaches there are other in Ambon.

12. Beach Lawena

The beach of Lawena is also not less beautiful with other beaches in Ambon. White sand, clear sea water and decorated with Palm trees that grew on the edge of its beaches. The beach of Lawena in the village of Hutumuri, if you want to go to the beach you can reach it with the time half an hour away to the East from the center of the city of Ambon. The beach is not too have many visitors has an unusual natural beauty. Many tourists flock to enjoy successive views of sekiatar. No wonder that this beach was crowned the world's Surfers Paradise. This beach a lot overgrown with Palm trees.

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