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5 Best Place to Travel in Indonesia that You May Not Miss

Are you looking for the right best place to travel in Indonesia? Here it is. Well, a trip for mind recovery is great treatment and Indonesia is the best destination for it. It is caused by Indonesia has a bunch of location that great to be a trip destination. It is true that almost all of region in Indonesia can be a trip destination for it views, culture, culinary and much more. Therefore, we collect the best place where people can get a bunch of trip experience to a single destination.

5 best place to travel in Indonesia for unlimited trip experience

1. Bali 

Bali is the top list for best place to travel in Indonesia. Visitors can get a lot of destination in Bali. It has the beauty of nature and culture that combine in harmony. It provides fresh and fun trip because the destination has a great view like it beach and lake. Moreover, Bali also has a temple with the marvelous architect and great panorama.

2. Lombok 

This is one that cannot be ignored because it serves good panorama and various destination for the visitor. Lombok has various destinations with good quality too. it makes Lombok is a better place for the visitor that want to get - 3 in 1 trip a bunch trip in one region such as Gili Trawangan as the famous one but absolutely other is fabulous too.

3. Papua

Are you looking for a great view in Indonesia? Then it should be in Papua. Yep, this place has great nature scenery. This place also gives a relaxation for it visitor. One of the best places to travel in Indonesia from Papua is it place named Raja Ampat. It provides a view of underwater scenery with various fish and stunning coral reefs.

4. Yogyakarta

Next pit stops to come over are Yogyakarta. It is a beautiful city with its culture and view. The visitor can get the culture experience by visiting Sultan palace and some temples such as Prambanan, Borobudur (exactly in West java), Ratu Boko Temple, and others. Are you looking for picturesque natural scenery? Some places in Yogyakarta such as Kalibiru, Green Village, and many other natural tourism objects will soothe your mind. Then it is time to go to Gunung Kidul. This city has many magnificent beaches that can give the best view for it visitors.

5. Kepulauan Riau

This is one of best tourism place should not be missed too. It gives visitor two different trips experience with its nature. The visitor can enjoy the beauty of beach; mountain and can get the shopping tour experience. It can be a whole package for the visitor to come here.

So, why do not you list these 5 best places to travel in Indonesia for your next plan?

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