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A Close Look At Biodiversity Of Lorentz

Indonesia including the biodiversity in the world's highest if compared to countries in the tropical Americas and Africa. One of whom biodiversity in Lorentz National Park in Papua Island.

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The National Park has a complete ecosystem for biodiversity in South-East Asia and the Pacific. Lorentz National Park is located between the two provinces namely Papua Province in the Jayawijaya Regency, Merauke and Paniai and the province of West Papua, namely Kabupaten Fak-Fak.

Its territory stretches from the Jayawijaya mountain peaks with an altitude of 5,030 mdpl are blanketed by snow cover up to coastal waters with a bakaunya forest in the arafuru sea. The name of the Lorentz National Park itself is taken from the name of a person born Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz, Netherlands, passing through the area in 1909 in his 10th in the Park

Lorentz National Park has an area of 2,505,600 hectares which most of this area is a forest with condition still ' Virgin '. Species identified in the Lorentz National Park as many as 630 bird species (CA. 70% of the birds are there in New Guinea) and 123 types of mammals.

Biodiversity in national parks is estimated at 30,000 years old and is the dwelling place of the tribes who were there such as the Asmat, Dani, Nduga West, Amungme, Sempan. Possibilities in this National Park, there is still a remote tribe that had never interacted with modern civilization.

The type of bird that became the hallmark of this National Park, there are two species of cassowary, 30 types of cockatoos, 13 bird species of shrimp, 29 species of birds and 20 varieties of honey is endemic among them long-tailed bird-quail and the snow.

Some types of mammals such as pigs, pig's snout long thorns thorns proboscis, wallabies, Bobcat, 4 types of tree kangaroos, cuscus. Animals that are all the rage here is a species of bird, because of its unique appearance being Parameswara converted the most eagerly awaited for the tourists visiting the Lorentz National Park.

The trunk was represented as a human body, its branches as arms, and the fruit as a human head. The tree is considered a living place of the ghosts of their ancestors.

Asmat Tribe community systems that respect the trees, it applies also to the River, the mountain and others. The famous Asmat tribe with the skills of his sculptures. According to the trust, the tribe is identical with the forest or the trees.

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Another uniqueness of Lorentz National Park this is the existence of glaciers in the tropics as in Indonesia and the river which stretches several kilometres in the soil in the Baliem valley.

The combination of these three things, namely the richness of biodiversity, natural panorama of nature and symptoms, as well as its traditional community culture that so high is a tremendous tourism potential.

On the basis of the uniqueness and diversity, in 1999 Lorentz National Park is designated a world heritage site by UNESCO residing in Indonesia. Some of the activities that can be developed in this area, including wildlife, climbing performances of puncak jaya, and cultural attractions.

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