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The Beauty Of Tanah Lot, Bali

Tanah lot located in the village of Beraban sub-district, Tabanan Regency Kediri with a journey time of approximately 45 minutes from Kuta Bali. In this place there are two temples that are in stone large size.

One is the chunk of rock on top of it, if the tide then it appears to look like framed by sea water, and the other is located in the northern part of Tanah Lot temple there is a famous Temple located juts out over the sea and over the cliff.

Tanah Lot Tours offers a variety of natural beauty was amazing, because here you can see the process of occurrence of sunset or sunset, so no wonder the Tanah Lot tour tourists visited in the afternoon.

Literature History Of Tanah Lot

Legend has it that the temple was founded by a Brahmin who are wandering originated on the island of Java. He is a successful Danghyang Nirartha convincing belief of the residents of bali with the teachings of Hinduism as well as establish the Sad Kahyangan it around in the 19th century sixteen.

At that time the ruler of Tanah Lot named Beraben Bendesa feel envy towards Danghyang Nirartha because the followers of the Tanah Lot many rulers who left her and the switch be a follower Danghyang Nirartha.

Therefore Bendesa Beraben ordered Danghyang Nirartha to go from Tanah Lot. But before leaving Danghyang Nirartha tanah lot he moved towards the middle of the stone slab of the beach and then build a temple in the middle of the beach. She also changed her shawl shape resembling a snake guards temples.

Until this snake is still there to guard the temple. With the characteristics of the snake flat tails like i.e. fish, colored black with a yellow striped Bendesa, and finally any Beraben feel shy and finally he became a follower of Danghyang Nirartha.

Tanah Lot tour is part of Sad Kahyangan Temple, namely the temple become joint also Bali, Tanah Lot sea Temple is for the worship of the God of the sea guard. Tanah Lot attractions is the famous tourist attraction with two temples as well as the accompanying story.

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