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Want A Vacation With A Different Sensation?! Just come To Rawa Pening Tour at Ambarawa

Rawa Pening Park is an expanse of Lake almost 2,670 hectares located in Ambarawa area, its existence right between Semarang and Salatiga highway. Charm Rawa Pening can you guys enjoy both morning and afternoon. The counter opened at 8.30 until 9.00 this will give you guys a chance to be on vacation with a different sensation especially if you intend for leisure with family.

Visitors can rent a boat that has been widely available on the dock of the Lake, go around the Lake by boat is the only way visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Lake as a whole. Because with so you guys can see the abundance of water hyacinth plants, as well as enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the mountains surrounding Rawa Pening.

To reach Rawa Pening, the easiest of which is namely through South periphery of Ambarawa. You guys can also use public transport or private vehicles. If by private vehicles, from Semarang heading Solo towards the turn right at the t-junction Ambarawa. Then take the direction of the loop to the South. In the future you will see the beautiful views in the form of endless rice fields with background views of Mount Merbabu and Ungaran.

Not only is it because you guys also have the opportunity to be able to witness firsthand the life of fishermen in Rawa Pening which can be the object of interesting photos. Lake Rawa Pening is indeed has its own allure for the photographer or who have a hobby of photography. The reason is of course due to the unique charm that can't be found in any other tourist spots, especially towards the sunrise and sunset.

Located in Rawa Pening make anyone being at home and are reluctant to return home, but behind the glamour of the attractions this turns out to be Rawa Pening save a legend which is trusted by the surrounding community. One of the people who live in the area of Rawa Pening says that the swamp that lies between the town of salatiga and Ambarawa was once believed was a village called Malwapati. The overflow inundated villages which comes from the rib plugged by new Kliting, namely a serpent that was born by a woman who is the wife of Salokontoro, a Festive Ki Shakti from the village of Malwapati.

To get recognition from his father, the new Klinting ordered to meditate on Mount Kelengker. After the new finish repel Klintingpun transformed into a boy. He walked towards the village in search of food. But residents of the village Malwapati to leave because his body full of scars and smell. Then go to a grandmother old Klinting named Nyi Bees which want to feed him. New command to Nyi Klinting Bees so that took refuge in lumpangnya when the flood occurred later. Then new Klinting go.

New Klinting then went back to the village of Malwapati and make a competition rib to deprive citizens of the village of Malwapati. However, because nobody could revoke, New Kilnting himself who finally pulled it out. From cabutan lidinya that came out of the water that is very heavy so that inundate the village. And new Klinting believed still alive as a snake keeper RawaPening. The legend is said to still continue to be trusted by the community to the present day, even to respect the legend, people still regularly staged events ritual larung offerings each year.

The story and the legend thus adds to the allure of Rawa Pening to attract the tourists come to this Lake. Regardless of the story and the legend melatarbelakanginya, Rawa Pening remains the most attractive spot to unwind and leave the frenzied city by way of enjoying a quiet lake in the puddle and the landscape of the mountains surrounding it.

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