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Top Travel Destination in Indonesia You Never Find in Other Countries

Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries with amazing places to visit. The large size of this country makes the visitor has some options regarding the tourism places. This is one of most favorite tourism country from around the world because it offers from local to modern place set.

These are travel destination in Indonesia with its magnificent area to be visited.

The Best Cities in Indonesia to Visit

1. Dieng Plateau

The location of Dieng plateau is in Central Java with a caldera complex at 2,000 meters above sea levels.  The main sights of this place are the multicolored lake and Hindu temple. It is very suitable for visitors who look for the fresh air.

2. Yogyakarta and Central Java

Yogyakarta is called as a cultural city in Indonesia. Both of Yogyakarta and Central Java keep a Javanese kingdom. Moreover, they offer strong Javanese culture like wearing batik. The most visited places in these areas are Borobudur temple as a Buddhist temple and Prambanan as Hindu temple.
3. Komodo Island

Komodo dragon is originally from East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This animal has a big body with poisonous saliva. However, the government protects it. The Komodo National Park is a recommended site for visitors to visit them. Even, they can see the Komodo live under the inhabitant’s houses. You need to remind this travel destination in Indonesia.

4. Lombok Island

Lombok has untouched beaches as beautiful as Bali, but Bali is too crowded now. Even more, the location of them is nearby. The Gili Trawangan is a part of Lombok which is most visited by tourist. It has fresh water and wonderful beach view.

5. Raja Ampat

The location of Raja Ampat is in the East of Indonesia, Papua. This location has over 1,500 spreading islands. It is the best place for swimming and snorkeling because coral reef ecosystem in this area is just unbelievable. The weakness is this location is in a remote area where is quite difficult to access.

They are so amazing, are not they? You may not miss this chance to travel to those places. Of course, you may not find those tourism objects in other countries. Therefore, here we are with the most amazing travel destination in Indonesia that you should visit.

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