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Why Should Travel in Indonesia? TOP Secret is here

People will travel to where they want but maybe Indonesia is still a second or third option for few people. It is an honor for Indonesia to be one of your destination but for those who still doubt and not know Indonesia here some hint of why should travel in Indonesia.

 Lelise Beach Maluku

Travel in Indonesia: Buy one free more

It is not about buying a ticket to get one more freely for traveling in Indonesia but it is what you will get in Indonesia. Traveling in Indonesia is the complete package in single traveling destination because a destination has bunch thing to explore. This is the reason why people have to travel in Indonesia.

More about why should travel in Indonesia is if you are looking something new then Indonesia can provide it. Indonesian culinary is various. This culinary will be slightly different with other. Yogyakarta, Medan, Palembang, and other areas have its own culinary that will satisfy your taste. People can get various foods to try. The various foods proof the various cultures in Indonesia. The culture can be one that interests you to come in Indonesia.

It is no doubt that Indonesia has exotic panorama for its mountain, beach, cave, and much more. Each region in Indonesia has its own beautiful scenery. If you love the beach then Indonesia must be on your vacation list. Indonesia is heaven for those travelers who love diving and surfing. Moreover, underwater scenery is a great view. 

Various types of fish and sea reef can be found in Indonesia.

Additionally, Indonesian people are humble and friendly that make traveling enjoyable. A traveler can get new comfortable experience from Indonesian people. They easily connect others. The traveler will easily found about their biggest smile and proud of what they region have from its culture, food and much more. Therefore, you may not be afraid of traveling in Indonesia with the reasons of why should travel in Indonesia exactly do.

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