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The Beautyful Beach Lagoi, Bintan

Sights are the pride of the Riau Islands, located in the District of Bintan the coast of Sydney. Rows of Palm trees that are on the edge of the beach with beautiful natural scenery and supported with its environment that is still clean is an attraction for tourists who come to the coast of Lagoi.

In addition to the attractions of the beach, on the Beach there are several Lagoi sights which no less Interestingly, i.e. Mangroves and rivers Sebong. Each venue has its own charm. In addition there is also a wide variety of lodging and resorts, making it a world-class tourist area.

Tourism Object

When you set foot on the shores of Singapore, you will be treated to views of the natural edge of the voice accompanied by the waves that can appease the hearts and reconcile your soul. Some of the activities you can do in this tourist attraction is, water play, swimming, snorkeling, diving and Sun just above the white sand beaches of Lagoi.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the natural charm of the coast of Lagoi, you can pamper yourself with the family to rent a resort that is in this coastal area. Comfort resort can add to your holiday fun with a pretty adequate facilities such as golf courses, swimming pools, and a spa.

If your hobby is adventurous, squeeze yourself to explore the charm of the river Sebong by boat you can rent. During the trip down the river Sebong, you will be treated to the natural landscape with a wide range of plants, especially plants of the mangrove and palm trees and wild animals that live in the river.

You can also do fishing activity in the estuary Sebong. Normally, if the fishermen did not sail, they catch fish and Squid in this area. On the edge of the estuary was deliberately built roofed cottages nipah leaves off the tree. After getting the results of a mere, you can burn the fish while you unwind after a day exploring the river Sebong.

Site Pantai Lagoi

The beach is located in district of Landsborough Bintan Utara, Kabupaten Bintan, Riau Archipelago, Sumatra island.

Access to the Site

To reach the Coastal attractions of Lagoi, you can start your journey from Tanjung Pinang with the use of a private car or public transportation such as taxis or rental cars. The time it takes around 1.5 hours from Tanjung Pinang.

However, if you are from Batam, you should use the services of the crossing from the port of Telaga Punggur. From this port, you can use a boat motor (speed boat) towards Tanjung Uban. Arriving at Tanjung Uban, you can proceed with the use of taxis. It takes approximately 25 minutes from Tanjung Uban.

Facilities and accommodations

Sights of Riau Islands has a variety of facilities and accommodation that was deliberately built to spoil the tourists who come to visit the beaches of Lagoi. These facilities include lodging with various classes include villas and resort, one of which is Ria Bintan Golf Lodge. There is also a restaurant, restaurants, souvenir shops, bathrooms and public toilets, parking, rentals, fishing, diving and snorkeling. Don't miss tasting culinary specialties of Bintan, namely otak-otak and gonggong. Otak-otak is a marine fish that is served by the way wrapped with leaves of the Sago Palm. Being in the form of food i.e. gonggong sea slugs are presented such as Satay.

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