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BLOC Hotel at Gatwick Airport - Review

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Before an early on flying from Gatwick Airport final yr I stayed inwards the Yotel at Gatwick South Terminal , where I spent the nighttime inwards a really clever fiddling cabin which yet left me slightly claustrophobic. This fourth dimension I tried the BLOC Hotel which has a gain of room as well as cabin types , merely about amongst windows as well as slightly larger , as well as merely about designed for families. I booked a measure double room without a window for £72 , which was nigh £10 to a greater extent than expensive than a Yotel cabin for the same night.

The BLOC Hotel is located inside Gatwick's South Terminal , the terminal which is used past times British Airways as well as the site of the Gatwick railway station. Access from the railway station is tardily - caput into the concourse , straight ahead next signs to BLOC Hotel as well as Departures , hence accept a elevator upwards to the tertiary flooring reception. Reception is literally correct side past times side to the entrance to safety for departures. Staff were friendly as well as efficient , as well as equipped amongst a bill of fare fundamental I headed dorsum to the elevator as well as upwards to the eighth floor. I was really fortunate as well as had been upgraded to a room amongst a window.
Smaller than a normal hotel room but a expert size for a cabin , the room had a large window inwards the wall higher upwards the long double bed. With a broad thought of dark-green woods as well as hills , as well as closer at manus the aerodrome buildings (I couldn't encounter the runway) , I could spotter the transit track shuttle heading off to the North Terminal , as well as I enjoyed a really fine sunset.

The room's minimal fittings included a cube stool nether a bedside tabular array which doubled every bit a little desk , hooks as well as a duad of wearing clothing hangers. There was a large mirror , a TV covert over the pes of the bed as well as a touchscreen to command lights , air-conditioning as well as shutters. There were several electricity sockets , though no USB charging points. Two gratis bottles of H2O were provided , as well as a booklet of discounts for nutrient as well as drinkable outlets on either side of safety , including 10% off inwards the M&S nutrient shop.

The bath was decent - or hence I idea , till I discovered that the lav spot had non been thoroughly cleaned (hopefully a one-off fault , every bit everywhere else the cleaning seemed good). Soap as well as shower gel were provided , as well as a pilus drier. To brand total utilization of the express infinite , in that place was a huge overhead shower turning the bath into a wetroom , amongst the pick of a smaller handheld shower head. Of course of report , this pattern had the effect of leaving everything inwards the bath moisture , amongst pools of H2O over the flooring , which is inconvenient if y'all or a companion desire to re-enter the bathroom. There were tinted drinking glass panels betwixt the sleeping room as well as bath as well as although they'd added a variety of modesty band , it wouldn't guarantee consummate privacy.

The bed was really comfortable as well as my room remarkably ease , apart from a faint constant hum from extractors or mechanism outside. I used earplugs , though I don't intend most people would bother , as well as I slept really well.

I idea the BLOC Hotel was an first-class solution to an early on deviation or belatedly arrival. Its spot inside the terminal removes whatever extra hassle when you're tired. If I were travelling hand-luggage-only or had checked inwards the nighttime earlier , I could stimulate got stepped straight from the hotel entrance into the departures safety lane. My upgraded room was to a greater extent than comfortable than the Yotel cabin I'd previously stayed inwards - but to a greater extent than expensive too. I'd stimulate got appreciated the default provision of USB chargers , a shower cap (given the ceiling-mounted shower) as well as an alert characteristic via the touchscreen. But overall the facilities were practical as well as suited to purpose. Providing gratis H2O was a prissy touching on as well as the staff were friendly.

Although staying inwards a hotel earlier or later on a flying does add together to the cost of a journeying , it saves stress as well as sleeplessness , tin assist y'all teach the most from your fourth dimension away , as well as may hold upwards an economical pick depending on flying times as well as prices , as well as the cost of hotels inwards your destination. On this occasion I was upwards before long later on 5am , showered , checked inwards , headed through safety , had breakfast inwards the lounge , took off at 7.30am as well as was inwards Venice amongst enough of unloosen energy to relish most of a lovely sunny Sunday. I'd mass either the Yotel or the BLOC Hotel i time again , choosing betwixt them based on availability as well as budget. The gain of room types at the BLOC Hotel tin accommodate either no-nonsense budget travellers , or those looking for something closer to a traditional hotel room - many volition intend it's worth paying a fleck to a greater extent than to stimulate got a window as well as a fiddling to a greater extent than space. I quite enjoyed my brusk stay.

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