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Jökulsárlón: Iceland's Glacial Lagoon

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I'm going to come upwards correct out as well as tell it - Iceland's glacial lagoon is 1 of the most beautiful , lonely as well as foreign places I've been to inwards my life.  I at nowadays cruel inwards love.

There aren't a whole lot of words to depict the feeling of beingness inwards this house - as well as thus I'll to a greater extent than oftentimes than non larn out it to pictures.  

The lagoon is the lawsuit of huge chunks of H2O ice breaking off Breiðamerkurjökull - an arm of the huge glacier that dominates Iceland's centre.  

I had heard the expanse was domicile to enough of seals , as well as afterwards an threescore minutes wandering the rocky coastline , I began telling Nicholas that I'd actually similar to encounter one.

"Perhaps I'll telephone band 1 ," I said , as well as began letting out a seal-like wail.

Nicholas laughed , as well as nosotros walked on for a few to a greater extent than metres - a few times I broke the quiet telling "my selkie friends" to appear.  Not a infinitesimal had passed when 1 dark caput broke the surface of the H2O as well as gave us a stare , earlier nesting seabirds descended onto him as well as he disappeared in 1 lawsuit again (you tin spot my elusive picayune friend inwards the centre of the moving-picture demo above).

The glacial lagoon is to a greater extent than or less 350km due east of Reykjavik.  As y'all motility due east , nearly 45 minutes by Skaftafell , you'll encounter small-scale spots to motility inwards as well as green (there are 3 or 4).  Park hither , clamour over the moraine as well as onto the beach.  If y'all larn inwards at the twain you've come upwards a picayune every bit good far , but volition honour a dark beach hither on your correct , where small-scale icebergs are washed upwards as well as point the beach similar gems.

At Jökulsárlón y'all tin arrive at got boat as well as amphibious tours through the water to larn upwards as well as unopen to the glittering icebergs.  Alternatively , y'all tin larn inwards at midnight - similar nosotros did - as well as arrive at got the entire desolate , dwarfing beach to yourselves.

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