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June 17 & 18: Lazy rainy days in Copenhagen [photo journal]

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My kickoff 2 days inward Copenhagen were fourth dimension to relax.  I was irksome to larn upward inward the morning time , quick to larn dorsum to sleep.  The pelting pounding on the windows of our story didn't order me whatever incentive to conquer my exhaustion in addition to caput into the footing outside.  Instead , it spurred me on to sentinel roughly other episode of Game of Thrones.
 When I in conclusion did larn exterior , much of the fourth dimension was spent indoors , visiting fine art galleries in addition to making things out of Lego (Nicholas in addition to I decided to construct each other).  We stopped at the King's Garden to persuasion Rosenborg Castle , catch the iconic Little Mermaid in addition to catch the preserved Kastellet Fortress.

One of the best preserved star fortresses inward Europe , Kastellet is opened upward to Blue Planet daily.  We were surrounded past times tourists snapping pictures , locals walking dogs , in addition to enough of joggers inward compression socks.  Armed guards patrol the site , to a greater extent than ofttimes than non telling unsuspecting , non-Danish speaking visitors to croak along off the grass.  

Apparently visitors are ofttimes 'underwhelmed' past times the size of The Little Mermaid , who sits waiting to persuasion her prince from sunrise to sundown , despite her existence a lifesize bronze sculpture.  The sculptor wanted a famous ballerina to pose for the it , but equally she would non seem naked , he coerced his married adult woman to model for the body.

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