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June 20: Assistens Kirkegård & sunshine in Copenhagen [photo journal]

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A beautiful , sunshine-filled twenty-four hours visiting Assistens Kirkegård , playing effeuiller la marguerite , together with relaxing in Copenhagen , told (mostly) through images.

The air was thick alongside swarms of fuzzy bumblebees , their pollen-covered legs making them slow.  We spied 1 ruby squirrel alongside tufted ears , but he scampered off behind a headstone earlier nosotros could capture him on camera.  Couples were cuddled nether the trees , or drifting on pedal-boats through the canals , together with immature families were nestled inwards every corner , smelling like sunscreen.  We flora ourselves a spot inwards the Sun , sleepy from the oestrus (we'd forgotten what it felt similar to hold upward then warm) together with quietly reminisced nearly the adventures we'd had then far , together with the ones on the cards for side past times side year.

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