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March 20 & 21: Two museums and a rainy day at Hyde Park

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There are a lot of lions inwards London , considering in that location are no wild lions inwards London.  Perhaps they should starting fourth dimension erecting statues to pigeons.

This is me coming together the Rosetta Stone.  She was lovely , but surrounded yesteryear paparazzi. 

The British Museum is big.  Like , truly big.  In high schoolhouse when I studied Ancient History I was told that the British Museum was , you lot know , pretty big.  Nobody said that it was this large though.  We spent five hours in that location (on in all likelihood the alone sunny hateful solar daytime inwards London) as well as alone looked at ¾ of the Ancient Arab Republic of Egypt department as well as less than one-half of the Ancient as well as Medieval Europe section.  Needless to state , nosotros didn’t budget plenty fourth dimension for this.  We ask to practise a whole lot of shuffling thus that nosotros tin instruct dorsum as well as watch the Hellenic Republic as well as the Assyria as well as the Mesopotamians as well as the Africa.  They had an exhibition on at the 2d of Indigenous Australians , but nosotros figured we’d seen quite plenty of that dorsum home.

Apart from beingness truly , truly large as well as filled with lots of materials , has anyone always told you lot how BIG the British Museum is?  The foyer? Big. The Harry Potter-esque rock stairwell downward to the toilets? Gigantic.  The indoor picnic area? Huge.  It’s merely big.  Everything’s thus big.  Lucky though , otherwise they wouldn’t live on able to casually set an Easter Island statue adjacent to the café.

"This lobby is , similar , truly big."

Nicholas , rolling with his homie (Ramses II , I think)

After we’d finished marveling at the Rosetta Stone as well as the gigantism of everything (I’m pretty certain it was never inwards trend to truly create a statue the same size equally the model) , nosotros decided to caput downward to Tate Modern because they’re opened upward piece of cake on Fridays.  We met upward with some friends for ridiculously overpriced fries as well as curdled soy milk earlier having a walk through a truly beautiful collection of industrial plant dealing with concepts of dreams as well as poetry.  It was cool to watch some Jospeh Beuys as well as Bill Viola inwards person.  Nick liked a lot of the surrealist works.  We saw the 1 Sidney Nolan locomote (the Token Australian Artpiece) as well as it was all orangish as well as angular as well as mountainous as well as reminded us a fleck of home.

London from the Tate across the Thames.  There was a truly professional person guy taking photos from hither , thus nosotros watch it must live on a adept location to accept pictures.

We were completely wrecked from having such a long hateful solar daytime but decided that since we’d come upward all that agency , we’d await at some other show.  We browsed through a Louise Bourgeois retrospective , which Nicholas watch was lightheaded , because it was a lot of her afterward work.  We made our agency to a Cubism as well as Minimalism exhibition as well as – 1 time to a greater extent than , nosotros were utterly exhausted – were reduced to giggling at the silliness of abstraction.  With the exception of 1 Hans Haacke locomote (am I biased? Maybe) the whole exhibit was on the lightheaded side , fifty-fifty though I spent a adept xl minutes reprimanding Nicholas for laughing at art.

Nick admiring some Max Ernst.

"Square Tubes? This locomote is called 'Square Tubes'? It should live on called Vent.  It's a vent."

The adjacent morn was Sabbatum as well as nosotros intended to instruct dorsum to the Natural History Museum to watch all of the weird as well as wonderful things that nosotros missed out on seeing on Wednesday.  Hint: bad idea.  Don’t instruct to a museum inwards London on the weekend.  Just don’t practise it.  It’s hell.  The trouble was yesteryear the gates , thus nosotros popped off to instruct some breakfast (in London they serve tabular array salt flavoured chips with their nutrient which makes me uncomfortable) as well as thus decided , against our amend judgment , to brave the impending air current as well as mutual frigidity to instruct for a ‘stroll’ through Hyde Park.  We went via the Royal Albert Hall , which is acre of import but I watch to a greater extent than frequently than non racist , given the statues of nude African women with the fully clothed , noble white ones.  There were quite a lot of swans as well as 1 human being taking selfies with his greyhound , but it was to a greater extent than frequently than non a mutual frigidity , moisture experience.  There were no squirrels , which makes me recall everything anybody always told me nearly London is in all likelihood riddled with lies.

This is the Royal Albert Hall.  All the signs seemed to holler for to a cafe , but I wasn't interested inwards to a greater extent than parcel chips with sandwiches , thus nosotros continued walking.

There was a gallery nosotros stopped yesteryear , equally good , as well as they were selling some Gerhard Richter prints , merely casually.  It was a fleck mind-boggling.  There were lots of dogs roughly , which were to a greater extent than exciting than Richter , thus nosotros kept walking as well as I kept getting berated for trying to pat all the moisture , dingy dogs.

When nosotros approached the Marble Arch , Nick said , “Can you lot watch the Marble Arch?”

I said , “Is it that large white arch?”

“Yes , it’s made of marble ,” he said.

If London’s equivalent of Mx has an Overheard department , we’re pretty unlucky.

A human being inwards a arrange , blowing on a bubble piping was making huge bubbles with a large metallic wand.  We cleared our wallet of pennies as well as I chased bubbles with the other children until I dropped my telephone as well as had a bubble-blowing human being waggle his finger at me.  It was embarrassing , thus nosotros went for a little store downward Oxford St , thus Regent St , thus Bond St (effectively moving our agency roughly the Monopoly board) until nosotros went out for dinner with some friends Nick made on his Kilimanjaro climb. 
Note: don’t instruct looking for a pub the nighttime that the football game is on.  
Also note: inwards Mayfair there’s a store where you lot tin purchase legitimate canopic jars.  They’re extremely expensive , but if you lot tin afford to alive inwards the bluish department of the Monopoly board , you lot tin in all likelihood afford one.

Chasing bubbles as well as beingness able to popular them all (because I was a adept human foot taller than everybody else chasing bubbles)

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