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Travel tips: What is an artist residency?

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As you've likely read or deduced (or perchance you're new... hi!) , I'm currently living in addition to working inwards Republic of Iceland since like shooting fish in a barrel June.  

I'm non hither spending nights serving drinks inwards a bar task , or volunteering to rehabilitate arctic foxes (can you lot exercise that? I'd definitely exercise that).  I'm hither on an creative individual residency.  If you lot don't know what that is , I'm going to tell you!  If you lot exercise , but you're non certain how to apply for 1 , I'm going to tell you lot that too.  Let's acquire started.

What is an creative individual residency?
Far away , inwards some remote landscape , or brightly lit metropolis , creative people are finding inspiration.  Maybe a warehouse becomes abandoned , or perchance somebody entrepreneurial builds a studio , in addition to they telephone telephone out for artists to come upwardly in addition to visit.  In the illustration of Nes (where I am now) , they've repurposed an one-time fish processing warehouse in addition to turned it into studios.  They've also acquired a few houses inwards the town , thus people tin alive inwards piffling trouble solid groups in addition to walk to the studio.

In the following town over inwards Blonduos , they direct maintain a textile residency that runs a piffling differently. There is 1 large , historic edifice at that topographic point , in addition to all of the artists alive inwards piffling rooms following to the studios (and nether a magnificent loft filled amongst looms). 

Depending on the residency itself , you lot tin apply for a few weeks to a year.  You could hold upwardly living all lone inwards the wilderness inwards Republic of Finland , or inwards a bustling metropolis amongst a grouping of immature artists.  It's extremely varied , in addition to there's something to adapt everyone.  Some residencies are discipline-specific (like the cloth residency) , piece others are to a greater extent than liberal (this calendar month at Nes nosotros direct maintain a composer , a dancer , a bassist , a author , a painter , an architect/concept creative individual , a filmmaker , an analogue lensman in addition to a mixed media artist).  No thing you're creative inclination , there's a residency computer program out at that topographic point for you.

If you're upwardly for some exploring , browse Res Artis.  Here you lot tin search past times dependent , location , duration , etc.

The studios at Fogo Island are what my dreams are made of

What makes it dissimilar to other kinds of travel?
Most residencies volition direct maintain you lot spending a lot of fourth dimension inwards 1 town or city.  I'm a fan of longterm travelling , where I direct maintain ample fourth dimension to encounter local people in addition to accept inwards all the sights - every bit opposed to a whirlwind 24 hours inwards a province seeing exclusively the most famous landmarks.

You'll likely hold upwardly living longterm amongst people you've never met before.  I remember this is pretty amazing.  It also agency that you're getting to accept inwards all of their noesis in addition to experiences over midnight beers in addition to early on morn walks.  They're all creative individual people , thus they've got enough of noesis to part inwards that honour , but they're from all over the basis in addition to they all honey to move , thus they'll add together a few locations to your bucket listing too.

If you're doing a residency for a prolonged menstruum of fourth dimension (a duet of months or so) , you lot exercise start to go business office of the local community.  You'll detect yourself playing poker at 4am amongst the local fishermen.  You'll detect yourself befriending the supermarket clerk who is constantly translating ingredients for you.  You mightiness bring together a local companionship or ii , or part stories inwards the local puddle , or larn the names of everybody's dogs (or children).

A small-scale assemblage/sculpture projection I worked on when I start arrived inwards Skagaströnd

How much does it cost?
Residencies vary from expensive , to inexpensive , to free.  Some may fifty-fifty offering a stipend , though these are real competitive.  If you've managed to secure a spot at a residency , you lot mightiness hold upwardly able to secure some funding through a grant.  You could exercise this inwards your dwelling trouble solid province , or the province you lot intend to catch , in addition to is a bully way to offset some or all of your move costs.  Application requirements vary past times province , province in addition to metropolis , thus acquire inwards affect amongst them in addition to detect out what they require.  As somebody who to a greater extent than oft than non lives in addition to industrial plant inwards Melbourne , I tin oft await for funding amongst City of Melbourne , Victoria State funding , in addition to also amongst the Commonwealth of Australia Council.  Look large in addition to small.

Whether you're Victorian or non , the drafting tools on the Vic Arts website are pretty invaluable , thus you lot tin occupation those every bit a starting point.

The magical loom loft at the nearby cloth residency inwards Blonduos (this infinite is unreal)

How exercise I apply?  Should I apply?
There's no terms inwards applying for anything.  Find a residency you lot similar the await of (try the Res Artis site , or but Google past times location - "artist residencies Norway" or "artist residencies Canada") , consider how that house would heighten your creative go , in addition to thus tell them.  Do you lot desire to catch the Moroccan desert because you're writing a novel onrush some other planet?  Are you lot a H2O colourist eager to hold upwardly inspired past times the Northern Lights inwards Iceland?  Are you lot interested inwards working amongst small-scale , local communities inwards rural Asian towns?  Tell them.  

Applications acquire easier in addition to amend amongst fourth dimension , thus don't experience downwards if things don't autumn into house correct away.  Be honest most why you lot desire to hold upwardly inspired past times that item place. 

It goes without maxim that this manner of move isn't for everyone , but if you're looking for an excuse to exercise some extra move , it's worth a look-in.  I've had a flake of involvement inwards this business office of my life , thus if you lot direct maintain farther questions , you lot can email me here.

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