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Venice Marco Polo Airport Lounge (BA) - Update

Welcome to | Visiting the Marco Polo Lounge at Venice Airport (VCE) at the cease of Apr (see my previous report) , I was delighted to discovery that the novel areas of the lounge were partly opened upwards subsequently refurbishment.
*** NOTE - Summer 2017 update included at the human foot of article ***

Inside the Marco Polo Lounge
The close striking improver is a covered ‘winter garden’ terrace with depression handbasket seating too greenery , with drinking glass walls. This occupies component division of the onetime under-used viewing terrace. There is yet an outdoor terrace amongst , overlooking the track too lagoon; this right away has protective drinking glass walls too is smaller. The wintertime garden is a really pleasant house to sit down too relax or piece of job , though I should intend it volition demand powerful AC to tumble out it a comfortable temperature inwards summer.

Winter garden

The lounge's novel await is smarter too to a greater extent than expensive than previously. Whereas earlier in that place was no endeavor at anything other than functionality , in that place are right away lots of design-y touches. This is peculiarly obvious inwards the toilets , which are right away really posh with expanses of of marble too mirrors. However this was allow downwardly past times a lack of hooks inwards the 4 women’s cubicles , too the fact that i had a broken lock piece some other was out of lav paper. There seemed to last some sex confusion amidst passengers over the signs , too.

Previously in that place were convenient shower facilities inwards the lounge. In Apr these were currently listed equally 'temporarily unavailable' too then hopefully showers volition last reinstated when the refurbishment is complete.

The lounge is right away divided artfully into zones , including the wintertime garden , too some working areas. When I visited close of the seating was quite unopen packed inwards the 'old' lounge surface area , with views over the runway. This top dog seating surface area was definitely a chip also cramped for comfort , only in that place is evidently some other seating surface area which I was told would opened upwards presently subsequently my visit. There is a 'cocoon' surface area to enshroud out inwards - possibly. Its purpose was unclear though it looked stylish.

Food was presented on long narrow shelves too hasn’t changed since the refurbishment: minor pizza squares , one-half rolls with cheese , tomato plant too aubergine , halal snacks , croissants , miniature desserts , fresh fruit. There were self-service drinks too also waiters to serve. Available drinks include H2O , fruit juice , hot drinks , soft drinks , beer , vino , Prosecco.
Lounge refreshments

As good equally a depository fiscal establishment of charging points past times the reception desk , in that place were to a greater extent than scattered roughly the seating areas , though non accessible from every seat.

I constitute the lounge a pleasant house to site earlier a flying , with plenty nutrient to tide you lot over a mealtime if you're non also hungry. The changes are an impressive improvement , on the whole , with a few teething difficulties (the toilets) to overcome too some other surface area to opened upwards up. The populace areas airside are genuinely non also bad for close of the twelvemonth , only inwards summertime when the aerodrome gets really busy the lounge is a practiced refuge from the crowds. British Airways passengers should regime notation that BA flights tend to starting fourth dimension boarding a chip early on , sometimes past times double-decker , too in that place is yet a passport safety cheque to exceed through on the agency to the gate (there are electronic European Union passport gates equally of summertime 2017).
Main seating area

Lounge access

British Airways Club Europe passengers too Silver too Gold status BAEC members are entitled to utilization the Marco Polo Club Lounge. You tin also pay for admission (more below).

Finding your agency roughly the airport

The lounge is airside , on the upper floor. After clearing safety , guide keep the escalators close the windows (the right-hand escalators) and follow the signs. Note that BA's lounge-entitled customers are also able to utilization the priority lane at security – to the left of the top dog safety queue , unopen to the BA cheque inwards desks.


I visited the lounge i time again inwards July 2017. The entire infinite was opened upwards , too right away includes additional seating , a 'library' surface area ,  little one-person booths too seating on the terrace. The nutrient offering seems a piddling altered , with a pick of pastries , too piddling miniature aubergine parmigiane. I discovered squeamish , individually packaged fresh fruit salads inwards a piddling refrigerator at the right-hand cease of the counter. You tin aid yourself to bottles of H2O , which is handy if you're travelling inwards BA Euro Traveller class.

There are right away signs to showers , too the ladies' toilets guide keep been improved with hooks too additional newspaper supplies.

The lounge is no longer opened upwards to Priority Pass members , though you lot tin pay the aerodrome for access , at an increased cost of €40 which includes priority safety screening. This is pricey , only worth considering inwards summertime when the final is crowded too the safety queues are really long. Airport staff were weeding out a large publish of chancers from the priority queue when I travelled , too kept the trouble moving at a practiced speed.

I genuinely bask spending fourth dimension inwards this lounge. It doesn't guide keep such total meals equally Britain BA lounges , only the nutrient too drinkable is fairly practiced otherwise , it's well-staffed , the novel seating spaces are fantabulous too varied , too you've got cracking views of the track too lagoon , with the alternative of viewing from an outdoor terrace. 

> Marco Polo Club Lounge (official aerodrome website)

Outdoor terrace

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