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12 Dec 2008 - smasher inward Italy

Welcome to | There is a full general strike due to conduct maintain house this Fri , twelfth Dec 2008 , inwards Italy. Travellers should hold upward prepared for delays in addition to inconvenience. Try to avoid journeys inside Italy on Fri if you lot can. The regime may pace inwards in addition to ensure some services , but it volition nevertheless hold upward a hard twenty-four hr catamenia for locomote inwards particular.
> Our article nearly strikes inwards Italy , amongst farther links for carry information

11th December: Italy has been hitting past times bad weather condition this calendar week - including flooding simply about Rome - in addition to inwards recognition of the problems caused , the unions are calling off some elements of the strike (including carry inwards Rome , in addition to national railway services). This should brand things a fleck easier for travellers , although many Italians volition hold upward travelling into cities to demonstrations which could elbow grease farther chaos.

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