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Apology for gondola theft 34 years ago

Welcome to | There's rather a practiced floor inward today's Gazzettino , (for those who read Italian: Il pentimento di un marinaio inglese: torna a Venezia e dopo 34 anni si scusa per il furto di una gondola) virtually a British sailor's furnish to Venice. The repentant visitor , inward Venice alongside his menage unit of measurement , went to a gondola stand upwardly to brand an apology 'to all the gondoliers of Venice' for an escapade inward 1974. He was stationed on the HMS Fearless when , alongside 4 other sailors , he took a gondola from its mooring ane night. The carabinieri turned upwardly to reclaim it the side past times side day. Now ane of the culprits has taken payoff of a trip to Venice to brand his apologies... together with to accept an official gondola ride. 'I wouldn't produce got believed it' the paper quotes a gondolier who remembers the incident.

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