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Christmas shopping inward Venice

Welcome to | If yous are visiting Venice inwards Dec as well as are looking for Christmas presents , hither are merely about shops where yous tin abide by expert gifts as well as stocking-fillers.

  • The Guggenheim shop (on the canalside exterior the gallery) has a expert arrive at of fine art gifts , cool novelty items as well as books. I liked the souvenir Venice mugs (more fashionable than you'll abide by inwards a tourist shop) , a black-cat-shaped cervix pillow , as well as cracking accessories.
  • Signor Blum - stocks brightly-coloured wooden building-block models of Venice landmarks , magnets , mobiles as well as other gifts for children. (in Campo San Barnaba , vaporetto halt Ca' Rezzonico).
  • Viziovirtù - expert for posh chocolates; as well as they conduct maintain a chocolate nascency scene inwards their window (vaporetto halt San Tomà)
  • Murano drinking glass - on the island of Murano yous tin purchase merely about of the costly glasssware produced on the isle - if you're confident almost packing frail items , a educate of elegant vino spectacles would brand a really particular present. Not all local drinking glass products are bulky: a few years agone I bought drinking glass beads on Murano as well as made necklaces for my friends.
  • 18th-20th Dec - a pocket-size antiques as well as handicrafts marketplace pose inwards Campo San Maurizio , expert for odd or one-off gifts.
  • Gondolier calendar - available from news-stands as well as tourist stalls , this photographic collection of Venetian gondoliers could brand a expert acquaint for a woman individual friend.
  • Caffe Florian is Venice's most famous cafe , as well as -at a cost - yous tin accept a slice of it abode for friends as well as relatives. Inside the entrance is a desk where yous tin purchase coffees , teas , chocolates as well as china.

Sadly , the Christmas markets as well as events organised inwards previous years are non taking house inwards 2009. However , the shops to a higher house brand a expert starting indicate for Christmas presents. If yous run out of infinite inwards your travelling pocket or forget anyone , both Venice airports (Marco Polo as well as Treviso) conduct maintain shops selling souvenirs as well as a expert pick of nutrient gifts similar vino , chocolates from Caffe Florian as well as olive oils.

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