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highlights of 2015

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My yr began in addition to ended amongst trips to Venice , my habitation from habitation , ever in addition to thus much amend exterior the peak tourist season. As green I spent a lot of fourth dimension inwards Venice. One of this year's well-nigh memorable experiences was walking along the bounding main walls protecting the southern lagoon from the sea.

In Apr I visited the low-key isle of Ustica. Nights were mutual depression temperature exactly the days were warm in addition to sunny , in addition to I walked the entire circumference of the isle on attractive flower-strewn footpaths.

In June I visited the lovely Aeolian islands. First halt was posh niggling Panarea , where I enjoyed the views in addition to - on a really hot solar daytime - climbed to the island's summit.

 I caught the delivery boat to the volcano isle Stromboli , where I ate a pizza at dusk piece watching the volcano's eruptions.

The islands are swell for delicious in addition to affordable eating. I sampled an H2O ice granita every solar daytime (essential for cooling downwards on hot days).

This yr I've visited quite a few volcanoes. I walked approximately the crater of Vulcano on some other blazingly hot day.

I returned to the islands inwards September for to a greater extent than isle ascents - in addition to a leisurely boat trip.

In Oct I visited Taormina amongst my parents in addition to visited some other volcano.

We visited the atmospheric hamlet of Savoca in addition to stayed inwards the fantabulous Borgo San Rocco run yesteryear the wonderful Vittorio , to whom all guests are personal friends.

There were lots of memorable moments inwards Rome inwards Nov , including a furnish to the wonderful palace of Nero in addition to my favourite Roman repast , pasta amongst squelch flowers at a trattoria called Da Carlone inwards Trastevere.

I made a video of the daily life in addition to starling murmurations of Rome.

On a pre-Christmas trip to Venice I enjoyed the peace of the metropolis in addition to made a few videos to exhibit some of the unlike facets of the city.

I haven't made my go plans for 2016 , exactly if you lot follow me on Twitter or see the website in addition to this weblog , you lot tin plough over the axe grab upwards amongst my latest destinations , discoveries , meals , H2O ice drinks in addition to off-the-beaten-track experiences , likewise every bit all the latest website updates in addition to Italy recommendations.

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