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Important Rome cave find; white truffle; carry strike

Welcome to | The nearly exciting slice of word from Italia inward the finally few weeks has been the annunciation of a hugely of import regain inward Rome. In the honeycomb of the Palatine loma , archaeologists convey uncovered (by accident) what is idea to live the Lupercal: the cave revered inward Ancient Rome every bit the site of the mythical founding of the metropolis , where Romulus too Remus were suckled yesteryear the wolf.
> BBC: 'Mythical Roman cave' unearthed (article , photos too video footage)

Another regain - less momentous exactly nevertheless thrilling to foodie circles - was made inward the reason of Tuscany , non yesteryear archaeologists exactly yesteryear a dog. The white truffle located yesteryear Rocco , a mongrel , weighs 1.5kg too is the largest to live unearthed since the 1950s. Traditionally it is pigs who honor truffles , the difficulty is that evidently they tend to swallow the truffle. Dogs , beingness cleverer , tin strength out live trained non to swallow the precious fungi.
> Guardian: Italian mongrel leads possessor to record-breaking truffle

And lastly; if yous are planning to locomote on populace carry inward Italia on Fri , live warned. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 strike (sciopero) has been announced , although it remains to live seen how many workers volition adhere (strike on a Fri = long weekend alongside the family) , or if it volition genuinely larn ahead. It is due to touching nearly populace carry , including railways , from 9am-5pm , alongside possible variations inward cities. Airports may live affected betwixt 11am too 3pm The smaller airports used yesteryear budget airlines , too their dedicated autobus services , are oft surgery every bit normal. But banking company tally the websites of whatever carry firms yous are planning to locomote alongside too live prepared for delays.
> Italian carry ministry: data on strikes

And finally , if you've had problems catching a taxi inward Rome lately , or convey seen angry taxi drivers blocking squares , it's because taxi drivers convey been protesting over the issuing of licences.

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