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Inspector Montalbano locations

Welcome to | The BBC serial Inspector Montalbano (made yesteryear the Italian TV society Rai equally Il Commissario Montalbano) is total of stunning Sicilian locations , from sweeping views to picturesque corners as well as lanes.

The master copy Montalbano books , yesteryear Andrea Camilleri , are laid upwards inwards fictional locations. Montalbano's imaginary  town , Vigata , is loosely based upon the existent coastal town - Camilleri's hometown - Porto Empedocle , as well as Montelusa , the nearby large town , is based upon Agrigento , famous for its Greek temples.

However , the TV serial moves the setting eastwards across Sicily , as well as it is to a greater extent than often than non filmed inwards the south-eastern swathe of Sicily which is renowned for its architecturally-appealing Baroque towns (listed yesteryear UNESCO equally heritage sites) , some of which tin sack endure seen inwards sweeping overhead shots inwards the opening credits , including Scicli , Ragusa , Noto as well as Modica.

Town hall , Scicli - Montalbano's constabulary station
In this article I'll listing some of the filming locations for the TV series. Travellers who desire to follow inwards Montalbano's footsteps won't uncovering all the locations inwards 1 identify , simply yous tin sack uncovering typical Montalbano atmosphere as well as scenery (minus the corpses) inwards whatsoever of these attractive Baroque towns. Within slow accomplish of Catania Airport , they are quite closed together as well as linked yesteryear world carry , as well as hence it's relatively slow to pass a few days travelling closed to the area. This is a smashing finish for a cultural touring vacation , fifty-fifty without the Montalbano connection.

Regular locations

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of the locations are inwards the lovely trivial town of Scicli. Montalbano's constabulary station , seen inwards many episodes ,  is , inwards existent life , the town hall of Scicli. It is inwards the pretty , fundamental Via Penna. The mayor's real-life component (the Stanza del Sindaco) is used inwards the serial besides , equally the Questore's component , as well as it tin sack sometimes endure visited yesteryear the public. The Questura (police HQ) edifice supposedly inwards Montelusa is also inwards Scicli , inwards Piazza Italia.
Piazza Duomo , Ragusa

In to a greater extent than recent episodes , Piazza Pola inwards Ragusa Ibla , off the primary street , becomes the site of the Inspector's constabulary station. Look out inwards TV episodes for the nearby Circolo di Conversazione , an elegant one-storey building. Ragusa is a picturesque town on ii hilltops , surrounded yesteryear deep valleys , as well as it is featured heavily inwards Inspector Montalbano. The cathedral foursquare Piazza Duomo , a long sloping piazza amongst a flying of steps leading upwards to the cathedral , tin sack endure glimpsed frequently.   Individual buildings as well as lanes closed by are often used equally the setting for Montalbano's investigations as well as job solid calls , as well as viewers volition also notice as well as admire the famous thought over Ragusa Ibla , the onetime town on its hilltop , amongst flights of steps as well as a route inwards the foreground.

The eating theatre San Calogero which Montalbano visits often - as well as where he introduces colleague Mimi to futurity married adult woman Beba  in Gita a Tindari / Excursion to Tindari -  is genuinely La Rusticana inwards Ragusa Ibla , where the cast of the TV serial accept signed the walls.

La Rusticana eating theatre , Ragusa Ibla

Punta Secca
Montalbano's domicile , amongst its balconies overlooking the beach , is at Punta Secca ,  a small seaside short town amongst a tall lighthouse , which stands in for fictional Marinella.   'Montalbano's' job solid is a B&B , helpfully called La Casa di Montalbano , as well as hence if yous majority good ahead yous tin sack genuinely remain here. The trivial foursquare where the edifice is located is at 1 time rechristened Piazza Montalbano. Along the seafront is a restaurant where Montalbano occasionally enjoys a seafood as well as pasta tiffin on the terrace.

Castello di Donnafugata
Castello di Donnafugata , close Ragusa
In the pursuit of his enquiries a disapproving Montalbano sometimes has to telephone telephone upon aged Mafia boss Balduccio Sinagra inwards his sumptuous residence. In fictional Vigata the Sinagra identify unit of measurement are the local Mafia clan. In reality the Castello di Donnafugata belongs to Ragusa town council , as well as is opened upwards to earth (and good worth visiting). It's exterior the town as well as tin sack endure reached yesteryear auto or really rare trains. The grounds also serve equally the location for a Equus caballus race as well as a seduction inwards La Pista di Sabbia , and Montalbano finds a couplet of corpses inwards the maze in Gita a Tindari / Excursion to Tindari.

Locations inwards private episodes

Ragusa -  In Gli Arancini di Montalbano / Montalbano's Croquettes the detective calls inwards at a cafe inwards Piazza Duomo to run into his housekeeper's delinquent son. The world commons inwards Ragusa Ibla , the Giardino Ibleo , stands inwards for a infirmary garden inwards some other episode.

Alley , Modica
Alley , Modica (pictured) - On our Sicilian trip nosotros were pleased to come upwards across this location inwards Modica , identified yesteryear an data board , non long afterward seeing the episode when Montalbano arrives hither looking for a suspect as well as is served a barrage of foul-mouthed abuse yesteryear a trivial onetime lady.

La Pazienza del Ragno - Cava D'Ispica - Investigating a ransom example , Montalbano turns upwards inwards the rock-cut tombs which are a characteristic of the Monti Iblei expanse of Sicily , closed to Ragusa. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 laid upwards of these caves tin sack endure visited inwards the archaeological commons at Cava d'Ispica.

In Il Cane di Terracotta / The Terracotta Dog Montalbano discovers a pair of long-dead corpses inwards the Grotta delle Trabacche , some other tomb site , located close Ragusa.

La Forma del Acqua / The Shape of Water and  La Pazienza del Ragno - Fornace Penna , Sampiero - this atmospheric ruined brickworks yesteryear the bounding main features inwards a couplet of episodes.

In 1 episode Montalbano drives into Piazza del Duomo in Siracusa and visits the town hall.

Modica: Ponte Guerrieri - the terrifying route span crossing a ravine inwards the opening credits is this viaduct at Modica. We crossed it inwards a omnibus on a rather alarming journeying , which continued amongst the omnibus swooping downwards hairpin bends into the town.

Scopello - the stunning bay inwards the north-west of Sicily is used equally a location for Il Senso del Tatto

Other filming locations include Ispica , Donnalucata , Santa Croce Camerina as well as Tindari.

See the filming
New episodes of Montalbano are nevertheless beingness filmed , as well as hence if yous are visiting the Ragusa expanse yous may endure lucky plenty to stumble upon filming for novel episodes of Il Commissario Montalbano.

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