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Mozia Charioteer

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The statue at the British Museum
Last calendar week I popped into the British Museum to encounter an erstwhile acquaintance visiting from Sicily: the Mozia Charioteer. Normally this statue resides inward a minor as well as quaint museum on a marshy isle along the western coast of Sicily. The Youth , or Charioteer equally he has been labelled , has been honoured this summertime amongst a placing inward the Parthenon gallery of the British Museum. Although he normally lives inward obscurity , the Charioteer is an of import survival from the ancient world. Previous theories suggested this was the run of a leading Greek sculptor commissioned past times the Phoenicians who lived inward the isle metropolis of Mozia/Motya. Now it is idea the statue could hold out a thoroughly Greek run looted past times the Phoenicians. Their downfall left the statue on the abandoned isle site. Later the isle was bought past times a British exporter of Marsala vino , Joseph Whitaker , who began archaeological excavations.  The fiddling museum is named after him.

The statue volition larn out the British Museum afterwards this week. If y'all desire to watch the Charioteer inward his ancient habitation , the isle makes an atmospheric 24-hour interval trip from nearby Marsala or Trapani (the nearest airports are Trapani as well as Palermo).

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