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Naples Airport (NAP) - British Airways lounge as well as move experience

Welcome to | Naples airdrome (Napoli Capodichino , NAP) is unopen to the metropolis centre in addition to well-connected , amongst a charabanc which runs every fifteen minutes to the primary railway station in addition to the port for ferries. Stazione Centrale to the airdrome alone takes twenty minutes - depending of course of pedagogy on Neapolitan traffic. There's also a useful coach service to Sorrento.

I flora arrivals in addition to passport command inward disarray when I landed on this trip - a 40-minute rugby-scrum facial expression behind a non-EU flying bearing migrants. There was a glitch checking inward for difference also , amongst information technology problems at the check-in desks. Otherwise difference went quite smoothly , though the role of buses in addition to the fourth dimension spent hanging around on buses , is ever annoying.

If y'all are flying BA Club Europe or are a BA Executive Club fellow member amongst silver/gold condition (I'm non for certain close bronze) , hold upwards aware that there's a convenient 'Fast Track' priority road through safety inward departures.  This is marked off to the left every bit y'all approach the safety screening area. The fast rail alternative wasn't mentioned at check-in , then I'm non for certain who precisely is entitled to role it , just I was waved through amongst my Club Europe boarding pass. You tin give the axe also pay for access (€5). Electronic signs indicated a 10 infinitesimal facial expression at safety , just the Fast Track was empty in addition to I sailed through inward moments.

The lounge for BA customers at Naples airdrome is shared amongst other airlines , in addition to passengers tin give the axe also pay to come inward (€22). Located past times Gate 17 , the lounge is even then the incorrect side of in conclusion passport command , then allow fourth dimension to larn to your gate. It's really minor , amongst armchairs , reclining loungers just no workstations in addition to no dedicated charging points for electronic devices , although at that topographic point are a few randomly-placed sockets if y'all hunt around. It was crowded when I arrived , to the extent of strangers having to part sofas. At the dorsum of lounge are a brace of toilets in addition to a shower.

Drinks available include hot drinks , limoncello(!) , wines in addition to beer every bit good every bit H2O in addition to fruit juice , all on a help-yourself basis. When I visited (late afternoon/early evening) at that topographic point was a reasonable selection of snacks. This included peanuts , crisps , salted biscuits , fiddling cheese in addition to meat slices , in addition to minor items which may stimulate got been sausage rolls. There was to a greater extent than alternative of sugariness foods , including speciality local pastries such every bit sfogliatelle in addition to fiddling biscuits amongst chocolate filling. Eating hither isn't actually a substitute for a repast , nor at all salubrious , just if you've skipped luncheon (as I did) y'all tin give the axe discovery plenty to produce total y'all upwards until you're fed on the flying (or non fed , if you're a vegetarian Club Europe rider , just that's a flush for some other day).

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