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Next strikes inwards Italy

Welcome to | STOP PRESS - The carry strikes scheduled for Th 21st too Fri 22nd Oct stimulate got similar a shot been called off. According to the Ministry of Transport , trains too local carry should hold upward running normally.

A carry arrive at is scheduled to accept house inward a week's fourth dimension inward Italy. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 arrive at volition acquit on railway services from 9pm on 21st Oct until 9pm on 22nd October. Other forms of carry , such every bit local buses , volition arrive at on 22nd Oct - the timing too severity of disruption volition vary from house to place.

If you're due to hold upward inward Italia adjacent Fri , it would hold upward preferable to organise your plans too therefore you lot tin rest inward i house that twenty-four hr menstruum , too explore on foot. Some trains may run - in that location is usually a minimum 'guaranteed' service - only it may hold upward risky to rely on these. Check on the websites of local carry firms for how Friday's arrive at volition acquit on their services.

This arrive at was postponed from a previous appointment , too may even too therefore hold upward postponed or cancelled , too therefore travellers should banking concern jibe the latest updates on the websites below.

There is a full general carry arrive at scheduled for 29th Oct , which volition acquit on air move too could motility serious disruption to international travellers.

Alitalia staff , every bit normal , are planning repeated strikes - details via the Ministry of Transport link below. And about other railway arrive at is threatened for sixth November.

> Italian Ministry of Transport arrive at calendar
> 'Guaranteed' trains during railway strikes (click on the link provided to run across an Italian page amongst lists of long-distance too local trains which should , inward theory , operate)

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