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No nutrient from BA

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As park , I was quite appreciative of the vegetarian sandwiches offered yesteryear BA on my flying from London to Venice terminal night. Now I larn that the nervous airline is to flake nutrient on flights later on 10am lasting less than ii together with a one-half hours - inwards other words , many of their U.K. to Italy flights. It sounds equally though drinks together with tiny snacks are however on offer... although at that spot accept already been reports suggesting that gratuitous alcohol , likewise , is nether threat.

Bizarrely , BA doesn't look to live offering the selection to purchase nutrient , either - together with thus if yous board without a stash of nutrient inwards your paw luggage , you're doomed to ii hours of hunger.

Although BA are patch desperate to relieve coin , this seems rather counter-productive to me. Those of us who pick out BA over budget airlines produce together with thus because of the relative 'luxury' on offer. Flying Venice - London , BA flights to a greater extent than ofttimes than non toll slightly to a greater extent than than Ryanair. Factoring inwards the to a greater extent than convenient airports , the generous baggage allowance together with the calm atmosphere brand BA competitive. For those of us used to Easyjet together with Ryanair , beingness brought gratuitous nutrient together with potable inwards our seats seems both convenient together with decadent. Without that extra perk , the budget airlines mightiness get-go to seem a amend selection again.

Flights affected are probable to include services from London to Venice , Milan together with Rome (2 hours 25 minutes). On a recent flying from Catania (3 hours 25 mins) , I was impressed yesteryear the mini-meal I received (photographed). Obviously this length journeying rated inwards a higher house the uncomplicated sandwich selection merely below a hot meal. The uncomplicated 'wrap' sandwich , I noted , contained twoscore unlike ingredients including 10 E-numbers.

BA's stinginess starts on Mon , together with thus I'll accept to retrieve to fill upward up on inexpensive pasta at Marco Polo Airport earlier boarding my supply flying to London.

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