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Riace bronzes 'theft'

Welcome to | If you lot are planning a trip to Repubblica , a political tempest is whipping upwards over mysterious 'restoration work' which is sending the statues to Rome at the kickoff of November. The residue of Reggio's museum is closing for restoration operate itself; the fearfulness of locals is that their statues , the city's greatest pride , volition never go returned to them.

Italy is prone to conspiracy theories - which oft plough out to go justified past times genuine conspiracies , equally inwards the illustration of Serie H5N1 match-fixing - in addition to the suspicion is that the Riace Bronzes volition complete upwards inwards 1 of Rome's vast museum collections , alongside mere copies beingness sent dorsum to Reggio.

I witnessed for myself this summertime the pride of the people of Reggio Calabria inwards their archaeological museum; equally several motorbus passengers contended to offering me directions. The bronze statues are the close of import historic in addition to artistic objects inwards the whole of the Calabria region. Although they may non have equally many visitors equally they deserve , the expanse volition lose an of import tourist attraction , spell Rome hardly needs additional exhibits.
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