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Venetian walls

Welcome to | In the concluding few weeks I've been exploring (and re-exploring) lots of Venice's hidden corners , spell writing an e-guide to the city. There is e'er something novel to see. Today , afterward visiting the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista (open to Blue Planet on occasional dates) I noticed this one-time poster inward Sotoportego de la Laca which advertises the local elections of 1975. The manifesto of each political party would convey been displayed below.

Another , much older , slice of history tin all the same endure glimpsed on a wall inward Dorsoduro. This fragmentary German linguistic communication street-sign , if genuine , must engagement to the Second World War German linguistic communication describe (or peradventure fifty-fifty the Austrian describe a hundred years earlier). It was shown to me several years ago; since together with thus it has got increasingly illegible but yous tin all the same simply nigh brand out the discussion Platzkommandant.

And here's roughly other slice of wall-history - a plaque erected yesteryear Gabriele D'Annunzio , patriot , airplane pilot , poet together with eccentric when he was inward Venice betwixt daring airborne assaults on Austrian territory during the First World War. He declares the Austrian shell to endure a sign of the shame of this 'perpetual enemy'. This monument tin endure seen inward Campiello Albrizzi.

There are a release of cannonballs inward Venice dating dorsum to the 1849 siege of Venice yesteryear the Austrians. This 1 is embedded inward the church building of San Salvador , close the Rialto.

These curiosities together with many to a greater extent than interesting together with hidden spots inward Venice are featured inward the guidebook , along alongside directions for walks off the beaten track.

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