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Algae scare empties beaches

Welcome to | Stretches of Italy's coast well-nigh Rome too along the Italian Riviera well-nigh Genoa convey been shut to bathers inwards the final couplet of weeks afterward an invasion of toxic algae. Traces of poisonous seaweed convey equally good been found inwards the body of body of water off Palermo , inwards Sicily.

The closure of Rome' sec beaches must convey been a blow to local businesses too sunbathing Romans , although the expanse which was shut final calendar week , betwixt Nettuno too Ladispoli , is non a stretch we'd recommend to tourists. The beaches nearest to Rome are non terribly pleasant at the best of times: muddied , crowded too lined amongst ugly too expensive bathing establishments. Far nicer beaches tin live enjoyed to the northward inwards Tuscany too farther to the southward - such equally our favourite , Sperlonga.

If you're planning on a trip to the areas affected , we'd recommend you lot inquire your hotel for the lastest information. And live aware that around of the problems cited inwards the articles below - expensive beaches , jellyfish stings - are perennial.

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