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Berlusconi together with the media

Welcome to | Another Berlusconi storey from the BBC: Berlusconi relishes ability of TV.

Overseas commentators are forever marvelling – together with ordinary Italians complaining – at the situation inwards this province where 1 human controls almost every national tv channel. As good every bit the stations he genuinely owns – which are renowned for their vacuous quiz shows together with scantily-clad dancing girls – he likewise , every bit Prime Minister , pretty much controls the province broadcaster Rai. As a sop to critics , Berlusconi concluding twelvemonth claimed to bring reduced his ability over the pop Mediaset channels – although they are nevertheless under his family's control.

When I was inwards Italy a calendar month agone , my Italian friends were joking close the break of times their PM pops upward on television. And a few tv programmes were bold plenty to mock him (that didn't halt them broadcasting his phone-ins , though). As possessor of football game guild air conditioning Milan , he appears on sports shows , ringing upward to air his views alive on television. There's no escape from his presence.

Italians sentry a huge total of tv , together with it's slow to run across how command of the airwaves mightiness equal command of voters. During recent protests past times the arts sector inwards Italy over proposed Government withdrawal of funding , in that place were claims that the whole nation is existence 'dumbed-down' past times the Berlusconi diet of reality tv shows together with the much-admired veline (coy dancing girls) , amongst Italians less interested inwards their artistic heritage than e'er before. Certainly living inwards Italy I've sometimes been reminded of Orwell's 1984. But that , along amongst the veline , is unopen to other discipline for unopen to other day.
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