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East Java Tourism – Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru entered within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. With an area of 50,273 hectares, the Park is also the site of the founding of other mountains such as Mt. Bromo Mountain, and Mt. Widodaren Shell. But in between all this mountain, mount Semeru is the most soaring altitude 3,676 meters above sea level.

Mount Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. According to the record, every 20 minutes once it took out a puff of smoke that is commonly referred to as ' wedhus snot ' in the local language. In addition to smoke, the mountain also released other material such as sand and gravel.

Mount Semeru Summit with named Mahameru are very popular among climbers. It seems to be a magnet that continues to attract the attention of the climbers to come and conquered the height.

The first climbers to successfully set his feet on top of this is a Netherlands-born, Clignet (1838), then followed by Van Gogh (1911) and Junhuhn (1945). Later, climbers from outside and within the country continue to arrive and do climbing.

In addition to being the location of climbing, mount Semeru was also becoming a tourist spot. Located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, the mountain is also rich in vegetation and habitat for many types of fauna. Along the way, at certain points you can find flower edelweiss and endemic orchids Semeru.

By the Hindu community in Bali, mount Semeru is regarded as the father of the mountain and the place of the God Shiva. This also led to the holding of the ceremony offerings as a homage to the God Shiva and the Salvation prayer requests also blessing for the local community.

Climbing Route

To climb Mount Semeru, you need to prepare properly because of the physical journey to the top is not easy. Mahameru Make sure you bring supplies climb and leave the stuff that is not needed so as not to overwhelm you. Following the ascent of the route you can take to reach the top of the Mahameru:

Ranupane – Ranu Kumbolo

Your journey will start from Ranupane towards Ranu Kumbolo through Watu Rejeng. You can hire a guide or power walk follows a path towards Ranu Kumbolo. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Ranu Kalimati – Kumbolo

The journey from Ranu Kumbolo towards Kalimati will greatly spoil your eyes. Travel about 3 hours this extraordinarily beautiful views, the expanse of meadows and flowers. Leave the Ranu Kumbolo, don't forget to fill up bottles to drink because after this you do not find the source of the water again.

Arriving at the Kalimati, you can set up a tent for the night. Any views at night no less beautiful, lay your body and enjoy the remarkable star cluster.

Kalimati – Mahameru

This is the last session of the journey to the peak of the Mahameru. Kalimati, went from about 2 a.m. to watch the Sunrise the extraordinarily beautiful.

Air temperature in the Mahameru ranges between 10-4 degrees Celsius, even can reach minus at the time of the drought and could rarely be found ice crystals. Regular fog comes at noon, afternoon and evening. It also often occurs between January windstorm – December.

The Legend Of Mount Semeru
Mount Semeru became an important mountain in Hindu teachings. According to the book of Tantu Performances, mount Semeru was originally located in India by the name of Mount Meru which is then transferred to the island of Java.

Java island is told as an island adrift in the middle of the ocean. See the State of Java Island, the gods felt it had to do something else. Finally diputuskanlah to move the Mount Meru and serve as pegs or nails so that Java doesn't shook.

In an effort to move this mountain, the God Shiva else transformed into a giant turtle bearing Mount Meru and swim towards the island of Java, while the God Brahma incarnate into a snake that wrapped her body to the mountain and the backs of turtles.

Up at the western end of the island, the two gods ever put down the mountain there, but this makes the eastern end of the island uplifted because of the heavy weight in the West. Finally, the matter was moved to the East end. When moving, debris scattered along the mountain journey resulting in the ranks of the mountain from West to East Java.

After Mount Meru laid, Java still could not be aligned, so it was decided to cut the portion of Mount Meru and is placed in the Northwest of the island of Java. This piece is then believed to be the mountain Pananggungan.

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