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Italian football

Welcome to | As Italia get got to the pitch inwards their crucial Group eastward World Cup fit , Italia is asset its breath for some other reason. Later today the state volition acquire the side past times side installment of the football game corruption scandal which has gripped the province for the final month. Centred roughly Italy's most successful social club , Juventus , this investigation could come across elevation players as well as clubs penalised for match-fixing , referee-planting , illegal betting as well as who knows what else.

Our sibling websites , Football inwards Italy as well as Football inwards Rome , get got long maintained that something was amiss inwards the globe of Serie A. Indeed , nearly whatever Italian would get got told you lot their suspicions of Juventus (typical chant from opposition fans: 'Ladri , ladri' - thieves , thieves). But naive English linguistic communication friends laughed at this 'paranoia'. Now nosotros know it was likely all true. And exclusively the tip of the iceberg. We've seen every bit good many suspect goals as well as refereeing errors alongside our ain eyes to endure surprised , whatever emerges. We're simply keeping our fingers crossed for 's favourite team.

A proficient BBC resume of the scandal as well as hence far: Shamed Italian clubs to endure named

UPDATE: Now nosotros know: Serie Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 quartet volition stand upwards trial . Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 really thorough investigation could - if whatever of the allegations are truthful - convey downwardly the entire construction of Italian football. And utilisation extra insoluble problems - if the matches were fixed , shouldn't nosotros all endure entitled to refunds of our flavor ticket prices , of trade , of tv set fees as well as and hence on? An impossible situation. And the tentacles doubtless spread into other areas of Italian sport , concern as well as politics. We suspect that , every bit inwards other corruption cases , a discreet business volition endure drawn nether the affair later a handful of scapegoats get got been penalised. We exclusively wishing our social club wasn't laid to endure 1 of the scapegoats.

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