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Italy on the BBC

Welcome to | Earlier this twelvemonth , on a jitney inwards Cornwall , I was chatting alongside a much older lady. We talked virtually Venice , together with she praised the BBC's recent serial 'It was presented yesteryear – what was his name?' 'Francesco da Mosto' I prompted. 'Ooh , yes. He was real – '(she broke off , blushed together with giggled girlishly) '- he knew it though!'

After the neat pop success of their 'Venice yesteryear a Venetian' concept serial , the BBC has extended the bargain to include all of Italy (rather ironically , since da Mosto spent the starting fourth dimension serial emphasising that he was a Venetian rather than an Italian. ) It should endure an entertaining together with colourful hold back at Italy for U.K. viewers.

Francesco's Italy - BBC2 Lord's Day eleven Jun , 9:00 pm

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