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Natural calmly enjoying beach Wedi Ireng

Approaching holidays we usually plan to be gone traveled together and spend time together with family.

One thing to consider is the tourist destination to be visited. Usually the destination selected will revolve around the place that's it, so it probably will bring up the boredom, if every time the holidays with nowhere to go just that's it.

Speaking about tourist attractions, there is one of the main locations are quite interesting to visit while on holiday is a city of Banyuwangi. Probably most of you will choose some pretty famous spot kinds of Bali or Lombok, but actually there are many other locations that you can choose one of them is Banyuwangi.Of the many interesting locations in Banyuwangi you can visit, one interesting place to visit is the beach tourist area Wedi Ireng. The village is located in the District Pancer Pesanggrahan, bergitu beach location is not far from the red sand beach is very popular especially among local surfers of the world even to surfers. Beaches if been translated into Indonesian is Black Sand Beach is known to have a beautifully natural scenery, and still not a lot of people who visit, so for those of you who want to vacation and yearning tranquility, then this location should be considered.

As the beach is relatively quiet and not much visited make Turkish Wedi Ireng It still has the beauty of natural and naturally, though it does not have many facilities like food stalls dna so forth, but it's also likely to make the surrounding environment is still clean from various kind of rubbish that would normally be found at several sites in Indonesia.Once you arrive at the location you will meneukan beautiful lakeside location surrounded by mature trees with views of the sea in the form of clear bright blue, with a brown sand beach. Maybe you will be a little mera strange if the first visit to Turkish Wedi Ireng and get the color of the sand is actually not black but brown in color, but all the mystery will be solved type you are trying to scrape a little sand beach that, because the type adigali then you will find a layer of sand in parts it is black, and that's what menjdai forerunner to the beach is named Wedi Ireng.The beach Wedi Ireng It Is a place for those who wish was wasting time ith the sun, enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature, swimming in the water so blue and clear on the beach, playing in the sand, or just a mat and then chatting with behind the tranquility that are served by this Ireng Wedi beach.

Transportation access
The beach location is actually not too difficult to achieve, but because of the lack of access that are supporting so that the necessary bit of a struggle, it takes at least 3-4 hours of travel to reach this location. You can use the path leading to the beach Pancer and proceed to Wedi Ireng divided into two lines, ie, the adventure and the regular lanes.

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