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Parang Tritis Beach Tourism Very Dazzling and Stunning

Sights of Parang Tritis beach is the best attractions to enjoy the sunset while having fun. You can conquer the vast sand dune once using an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle). In addition you can also down the beach with the carriage in a romantic evening. The location of the attractions the Parang Tritis beach is located 27 km south of the city of Jogyakarta.

In addition to its routes are easy to achieve, excellent public transport facilities operated until 17.00 or private vehicle. When the afternoon sunset moments is the best moment to visit the most famous beaches. However, if you arrive faster, there is no harm for a ride to the Cliffs behind the beach is Gembirawati. From the site you can see the entire Parang Tritis Beach, South Sea, up to the limit of the horizon.

Many say that the Parang Tritis beach is associated with the legend of Queen of the South. Many Javanese believe that a supernatural Kingdom of Queen of the South Gate that ruled the South Sea are on the monitor. Besides the coast turns to the East Cliff on the beach have been hidden a ruined Temple. The temple has a difference with other temples located in the mountainous area.

The temple named Gembira Wati Temple, the location is just a few hundred metres from the shore. If you want the heading to the temple, then you can pass the path uphill which is nearby the Hotel Queen of the South. From the road you can enter the path to the West about a distance of approximately 100 metres more or less. Ornaments faintly rumbling surf fierce South Seas very clear from the temple.

On a Tour of this southern beach when the Sun has been leaning to the West coupled with sunny weather, then you will see the beauty of nature. Namely the sunset process so manawan like Kuta Beach in Bali. But by the rules of the manager that visitors are prohibited from swimming at the beach.

With a smooth sand the surface down which swept waves is no less delightful scenery. You can follow the coast up to its eastern end, namely in the form of a cluster of coral place so beautiful. The venue is also often used as a spot for pre-wedding photo shooting. The election is based because the place is so charming with shades of dusk that dimly lit. Coupled with the shadow of the golden yellow of the Sun on the surface of the water the more evokes the romantic moments.

Other hand, the Coast also facilitate for those who are travelling with the family. As the kite would like to play along with the little one also not less well. Because the sea breeze that blows gusts really help make the kite was flying high and stable first. If you've never played the kite though, you'll be able to play it.

To the feel of the evening on the beach is also very crowded visitors. Some sellers roasted corn roll out mats on the edge of the beach for selling. And you could hang out there until late in the evening while enjoying obak night. If you want to stay there, then you can get in a lot of small hotels that have been available. Or at the Inn at affordable prices in accordance with the contents of the bag.

The advantage of the last of the Beach, is the attraction for the photographers to hunt photos. The more so when a particular season when sunset is so dramatic. Atmosphere that produces reflections on the waterfront will be soaked by waves.

So little information about the Parangtritis Beach Tourism may be useful.

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