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5 Best Traveling Tips Bali for Your Best Tour Experience

Are you planning to go to Bali? Well, you will need these traveling tips Bali. The reference about traveling here will prepare you to get the best experience enjoying a short or long holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is famous because of its beauty. The local culture and tourism areas are offered to the visitor.
However, some of them get a problem during vacation. Therefore, find out these important traveling tips in Bali for you. 

Trick to Manage Holiday in Bali

1. Best Areas
There are two areas where must be visited by the tourist regarding travel tips Bali. They are south Bali and Ubud. The fresh and natural atmosphere from these areas is unbelievable. Here are the places that you must visit in South Bali. They are Uluwatu Temple, Kuta Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Park, Jimbaran Beach, Dreamland Beach, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Pecatu, and many other magnificent beaches. On the other hand, Ubud also has great places to visit such as Monkey Forest, Authentic Tracking Bali, and many other natural tracking and scenery.

2. Respect the religious days
In Bali, there is a big day for the local people. It is called as a Nyepi day, which means silent. In that day, every shop is closed. Even more, the people do not even talk. The visitor must give respect by making no noise during a day. However, this day is very well known as the best cultural and traditional even in Bali. You can also perpetuate this special moment. This is one of the most important traveling tips Bali to remind.

3. Shopping
To get the local food, the visitor can go to the local cafe or restaurant with very affordable prices. However, some of the cafes in Bali have similar price tags with some developed countries. In addition, you can also find the best place for shopping the souvenir and everything about Bali. They are Sukawati market, Khrisna Bali market, Joger, Nusantara Village, Galuh Art Shop, Guwang Market, and many others.

4. Be aware
Some animals look so cute. However, actually, some of them are rabby. You need to be careful to walk around the area with full of the wild animals. In addition, you may be aware of the usage of bottles. This city produces a lot of plastic water bottle. It would be wise to avoid using it. Do not litter the bottle or dirt in everywhere!

5. Find the right guide
When you are traveling first in Bali, it is better to choose a travel guide. You can check on the popular travel agents in Bali that serve various guide lists and price. Of course, the guide will show the best destination and all about Bali. It is also done to avoid being lost in somewhere in Bali.

Well, those 5 tips are important to remind when planning to Bali. At least, you need to know first what is in Bali and how the condition is. Therefore, always prepare everything well before going to vacation in Bali to get the best experience. So, plan your trip with these 5 traveling tips Bali for a better moment.

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