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10 Things You Need to Do in Norway

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While I'm no skillful on this beautiful reason , at that topographic point are a few things I crammed into my calendar month at that topographic point that are completely unmissable.

1.     Go to Bryggen , Bergen
Bryggen is a UNESCO-listed strip of beautiful buildings inwards Bergen.  The entire town burnt downward inwards 1702 in addition to triangular , brightly coloured buildings popped upward inwards its place. From the front end , these buildings are wonderfully colourful in addition to strangely slanted.  If you lot actually desire to experience the magic of Bryggen , caput behind the façade in addition to explore the laneways.  With an Escher-esque , labyrinthine lineament , layers in addition to layers of buildings receive got been collaged on transcend of each other , amongst foreign doors in addition to windows poking out into the lane.

2.     Take a boat trip through the fjords
Whether you lot opt for a luxury cruise on the Hurtigruten , an exhilarating RIB boat trip , or a self-guided kayak , you lot must encounter the fjords past times boat!  From the H2O , you lot actually larn a sense of how huge in addition to dwarfing these structures are.  Several of the fjords are UNESCO-listed sites , similar Næroyfjord in addition to Geirangerfjord , piece Sognefjord is the largest of the fjords , cutting directly into the mainland. 

Cruising through Geirangerfjord

3.     Get upward unopen in addition to personal amongst a glacier
The largest glacier inwards mainland Europe calls Kingdom of Norway abode , in addition to it’s incredibly accessible.  Don’t endeavor in addition to tackle this ane yourself , but mass inwards amongst a professional person to guide you lot (safely!) through this unimaginably beautiful terrain.  I recommend booking amongst IceTroll , who are able to cater to a huge make of abilities in addition to brand you lot experience completely rubber in addition to comfortable.  They fifty-fifty offering approximately trips where you lot tin move kayak to the glacier , which I definitely recommend!

4.     Visit a Stave Church
The ‘stave’ inwards Stave Church refers to the pillar structures that agree the church building upward , but they’re to a greater extent than well-known for their feature fairytale appearance.  If visiting Kingdom of Norway isn’t plenty to brand you lot believe inwards magic , these beautiful onetime churches will.  Urnes Stave Church inwards Sognefjord is the oldest however standing in addition to is opened upward to the world from May to October.

5. Spend a twenty-four lx minutes menstruum at the Vikingship museum
The Vikingship museum is located on Bygdøy , an isle covered inwards wonderful museums , in addition to houses iii of the most fantastic burial ship excavations inwards the world.  On our recent see , many of the artefacts were inwards the procedure of beingness tested in addition to preserved , because they're apace degrading.  If whatsoever fourth dimension is the fourth dimension to encounter them , it's now!

6.     Experience approximately crazy geology
Norway has approximately pretty intense rocks.  I don’t state that lightly.  If you’re upward for something physical , endeavor the hike to Trolltunga or Kjerag Rock.  For something a lilliputian less total on , brand the pilgrimage to the famous Pulpit Rock , arguably ane of the most visited places inwards Norway.  These walks are most accessible inwards high summertime , amongst buses running to the starting betoken from belatedly June.  If you lot respect yourself inwards Kingdom of Norway at whatsoever other fourth dimension of twelvemonth (like I did) , Kannesteinen Rock on the picturesque isle of Måløy tin move endure accessed past times car all twelvemonth round.

7.     Take the train
Norway’s educate trips are approximately of the most famous inwards the world. The NSB educate from Oslo to Bergen offers approximately beautiful scenery in addition to goes via Finse (the snowy mountainous hamlet made famous inwards Star Wars every bit Hoth , the H2O ice planet).  If you lot mass to a greater extent than than a twenty-four lx minutes menstruum inwards advance , you lot tin move larn the ‘mini pris’ ticket , which is really affordable.  Alternatively , the Flåm railway is arguably the most famous rails journeying inwards the Blue Planet in addition to offers fantastic views of the surrounding countryside in addition to waterfalls.

Finse! This house was insane.

8. Visit the Lofoten Islands

9. Stay amongst a local
Norwegians are - on the whole - actually proud of their country.  AirBnB provides an splendid platform if you're looking for a to a greater extent than authentic experience inwards whatsoever reason , but nosotros institute that the Norwegians nosotros shacked upward amongst were fifty-fifty to a greater extent than bully to part local knowledge.  We stayed inwards Moss , a little town close Rygge , ane of Oslo's airports - the hosts told us all nearly the expanse in addition to nosotros straight off wished we'd had to a greater extent than fourth dimension there.  They fifty-fifty brought us downward approximately locally made dinner.  The same affair happened inwards Oslo , in addition to our host helped us innovation our trip.  Norway's a huge reason amongst therefore many hidden treasures - it's actually worth staying amongst somebody who's inwards the loop.

10. Go hiking to a waterfall
Norway has approximately of the most fantastic waterfalls inwards the whole Blue Planet , in addition to many of them are accessible past times foot.  If you lot receive got a canvas through whatsoever fjord or ride almost whatsoever educate , you'll encounter the waterfalls from a distance - but it's worth scheduling a twenty-four lx minutes menstruum to become for a walk to one.  You don't larn a sense of how huge in addition to unbelievably dwarfing they are , until you're upward close.  If you're feeling peculiarly adventurous , you lot tin move fifty-fifty endeavor climbing them inwards winter.

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