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Norway: Tips and tricks for planning your trip

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A notoriously expensive precisely famously beautiful solid ground , Kingdom of Norway is paradise for those who are seeking wilderness , inspiration as well as adventure. 
Whether conquering Norway’s rugged mount peaks , exploring the famous architecture of Oslo or Bergen , or route tripping through royal fjords , in that location are a few things you’ll necessitate to consider earlier y'all laid out.

Everybody inward Kingdom of Norway speaks English linguistic communication , as well as most are completely fluent.  That beingness said , it doesn’t wound to know a picayune fleck of Norwegian.  I works life that shopkeepers as well as locals volition automatically strike upwards a conversation inward their native natural language , as well as thus 'jeg snakker ikke Norsk' is 1 phrase worth having upwards your belt , if solely to demo you’re engaged amongst their culture.

Pronunciation is a picayune trickier amongst Norwegian words , as well as in that location were many instances where Norwegians had no thought what I was trying to say.  When it comes to their extra vowels , here’s a (very catchy) crash course. 

Bryggen , Bergen

Norway hasn’t adopted the Euro , instead using their local Kroner.  $1USD is equal to nigh 5NOK.  There are ATMs everywhere as well as in that location was a surprising concentration of EFTPOS machines , as well as thus using coin was never an issue. 

History as well as religion
You’ll rapidly notice an abundance of churches as well as cathedrals throughout Kingdom of Norway , as well as thus it shouldn’t surprise y'all that it’s a widely Christian country.  The Vikings brought Christianity to Kingdom of Norway from Republic of Ireland as well as Scotland as well as it was taken upwards quite quickly.  Stave churches are magnificent structures that volition awaken whatsoever dormant childhood beliefs inward fairy stories , as well as thus ensure to add together those to your listing of things to run across inward Norway.

Speaking of , Kingdom of Norway is a perfect house to larn a grip on Viking culture.  Consider visiting the Vikingship Museum on Bygdøy , the museum isle , if you’re visiting Oslo.  This beautiful edifice houses iii of the most pregnant burial ships works life inward Kingdom of Norway , piece giving y'all a thorough overview of their culture. 

A Stave Church close Holmenkollen

Elements of Norse Mythology are silent prevalent inward many aspects of Norwegian civilization , amongst occasional references to the quondam gods.  Thor as well as Odin characteristic most prominently.  Keep a nifty oculus out...

Stories of sea monsters litter the pages Norway’s of Norway’s history books.  A solid ground amongst an extensive coastline as well as dramatic fjords that slash the mainland , the sea is key to Norwegian culture.  While the monster stories aren’t capitalized on similar the trolls are , if y'all proceed your eyes peeled , they’ll popular up!

Spend 1 hateful solar daytime exploring the Norwegian forests or mountains as well as you’ll survive tempted to believe inward trolls.  These woodland giants , called Jötunn , volition plough to stone inward sunlight (explaining the foreign as well as eerie stone formations you’ll notice on your travels) as well as enshroud inward the mountains.  You’ll notice references to trolls inward whatsoever tourist store , whether it survive the fatty as well as friendly Moomin or ferocious as well as hideous mount trolls.

For a pretty comprehensive overview of troll mythology , give Trollhunter a watch.  This B-grade , Blair Witch-style indie celluloid follows a grouping of uni students on their adventures amongst Norway’s best troll hunter.

The eerie as well as aptly-named Trollfjord

The best fourth dimension to visit
If you’re heading to Kingdom of Norway to hike , you’ve got a real little window as well as y'all volition survive contending amongst other tourists.  Don’t endeavour to avoid the crowds yesteryear visiting inward the ‘off season’ , because you’ll notice a solid ground besides covered inward snowfall to create anything precisely ski.  Even at the root of June , nosotros were beingness referred to ski lodges when nosotros enquired nigh outdoor activities!  Late June – August volition survive your best bet.

If you’re hoping to grab a glimpse of the Northern Lights , nonetheless , you’ll necessitate to mass your trip for Dec or January.  The Hurtigruten , a fleet of Norwegian cruise boats , offering cruises to run across the lights (sometimes amongst a money-back guarantee you’ll location them).  Otherwise , caput to the Capital of the North , Tromsø for long hours of darkness as well as depression lite pollution.

Getting around
Car hire was pretty expensive inward Kingdom of Norway , precisely inward some instances it was completely invaluable (like our stint on the Lofoten Islands).  For the most exercise , y'all tin sack easily rely on boats as well as ferries.  I used iii dissimilar companies on my travels , as well as would recommend all iii , depending on your needs.

Norled offer limited limited ferries or as well as thus Bergen
Hurtigruten service the entire coastline inward luxury 
Fjord1 head to some beautiful in-fjord locations , scattered nigh the country

Norway's trains were lovely , as well as relatively cheap.  If y'all mass inward advance , y'all qualify for the 'minipris' which tin sack larn every bit depression every bit 99NOK.  Book every bit early on every bit y'all tin sack , for the best prices.

Cruising on the Hurtigruten 

If hiking is on your hear , survive certain to investigate the DNT huts available for use.  On whatsoever multiday hiking route , you'll notice a hut inside a days walk.  They vary from self-services huts to staffed hotel-like chalets , precisely are all equipped amongst running H2O as well as some nutrient supplies.  Most major towns conduct hold a DNT store where y'all tin sack chat to to a greater extent than knowledgeable folk as well as mass your stay.

I know I preach AirBnB promotion infinitum , precisely Kingdom of Norway actually provided the goods here.  Lots of inexpensive , fantabulous , friendly accommodation.  Hotels as well as hostels looked pricey inward as well as out of the cities , precisely nosotros were never far from an fantabulous AirBnB , where hosts were nifty to prepare for us as well as give us tips.  Feel gratis to exercise my code as well as nosotros both salve $$$.

If you're afterwards completely gratis accommodation , Kingdom of Norway conduct hold (probably) the best wild camping ground laws inward the entire world.  The rules? Don't military camp side yesteryear side to animals or inward anybody's backyard (unless they tell it's ok).  If 'free' doesn't excite y'all a picayune fleck , here are some to a greater extent than reasons to endeavour sleeping outdoors.

Camping close Bergen

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