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The best way to see a glacier in Norway [review]

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Norway is abode to the largest glacier inwards mainland Europe (Iceland takes the cake for the entirety of Europe , too I squall back Antarctica mightiness receive got dibs on the championship of World’s Largest Glacier).  Jostedalsbreen is a huge glacial icecap alongside over 20 legs that stretch off it , some to a greater extent than accessible than others.  Depending on the fourth dimension of twelvemonth you lot take in , you lot tin post away larn upward unopen to several of these amazing natural wonders , alongside June-September offering the most options.

When I visited Kingdom of Norway inwards June , I decided that hiking on a glacier was a must-do , fifty-fifty if it blew my budget a piffling chip too meant an extra few nights inwards a tent.  Because I was too then early on inwards the flavor , the possibilities were a chip express , too I constitute myself on Nigardsbreen , which is a far to a greater extent than accessible glacier.  In high summertime , this glacier tin post away piece of employment absolutely swarmed alongside tourists (our guide said some 2000 a twenty-four hr catamenia sometimes!) too then the companionship I went alongside avoid Nigardsbreen afterward June. 

This is a 'moulin' - if you're game plenty , IceTroll tin post away adjust for you lot to abseil downward ane of these!

 Speaking of , the companionship I opted for were IceTroll.  There are a few large companies that offering guided walks on the glaciers , exactly Ice Troll offered a curt kayak inwards the glacial lake earlier the climb , too then I went alongside them.  In the cease , I was actually glad I did.

My guide was a homo named Sam , who knew the glacier most dorsum to front end – fifty-fifty though the landscape changed on a daily basis.  I wasn’t every bit confident on the H2O ice or on some of the slippery rocks nosotros had to hop over , exactly he was real patient too helpful.  He was extremely attentive to the needs of our grouping too was happy to receive got a chat.  Most of all , he made you lot experience at relaxation on a real unsafe terrain.

As for glacial hiking itself , don’t effort your luck too piece of employment solo or alongside a buddy , fifty-fifty if you’re a confident hiker.  These crevasses run deep , too the guides know the alert signs of a snowfall duo or a Moulin forming!

Some legs of the glacier you lot tin post away fifty-fifty regard from the car inwards Kingdom of Norway , exactly they sure don’t compare to walking over the H2O ice too leaping over the crevasses.  The twenty-four hr catamenia I had on the glacier alongside IceTroll was the best twenty-four hr catamenia of my entire Kingdom of Norway opportunity , too I’m too then grateful they made it too then seamless too comfortable.   I’m hoping to come upward dorsum too effort out some H2O ice climbing or abseiling inwards a moulin alongside them adjacent fourth dimension I’m inwards Norway!

Prices hit from 750-950NOK for twenty-four hr catamenia trips too are a cope for the experience you’ll have!  In summertime , a motorcoach runs from Sogndal to the IceTroll coming together house (Breheimsenteret) , otherwise you’ll involve a car to larn there. 

Read a wordier , to a greater extent than picture-heavy describe of piece of employment concern human relationship of my glacier hike here.
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